Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Past few

After a not so good Sudbury/Nationals week which concluded with a pretty sore left knee after some non-crash- crashes that I tried my best to ignore and just get through it, I was finally able to give it some needed rest the following week.

By midweek the knee was feeling a lot better and I signed up for Road Provincials in the cookstown marsh north of Bradford. Which was a blast in a painful road racing type of way, after 2 hours of some good efforts  I could start to feel some cramping in my left hamstring, probably a little left over strain from the weeks before, so I backed off and followed wheels till the last lap when essentially all heck broke loose and sure enough full leg cramp in the crosswind section with about 10 to go. Not the 4th I had a few years ago but made it to the finish.

Long weekend ended up not racing Vermont and took some folks out on a Big Chute ride on the Sunday, beauty day for it, (pic is of another ride but basically the same folks...)

Then it was off to St Anne, for my 10th run at it. No matter how much they change it around its always going to be a tough race, steep climbs, rooty rocky singletrack, and this year a killer headwind to deal with. The trip out was great with Josh our super Soigneur ...minus the massages. It was a odd weekend weather wise, chilly and rainy one minute then chilly and humid yet still kinda warm the next. The track was shortened in dramatic fashion with the removal of the gravel climb and Beatrice descent.

Race was good, got caught in traffic(not sure its possible not to) and missed out on some of the groups, and ended up in no mans land for 6 laps, which isn't always a bad thing but that wind was killer riding solo. Rode well and consistently no real mistakes or crashes just didn't have that final gear to make it on the final lap. Rolled in for 41st(ish)  huge thanks to Kevin, Jonathan and Josh for all their help this weekend.
*action shots by the Bailey Clan

up next Duntroon, always awesome riding, then the Horseshoe Enduro... then we'll see

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