Monday, July 22, 2013

National championships extravaganza

Sitting on the couch with this weird feeling that I should be driving back to Hardwood today, thankfully as awesome as Hardwood is im happy to be just chilling out after a long week.

Wednesday morning after a couple days of unwinding and icing my knee after Sudbury I headed over to the venue to ride with the Ontario Team on the course with Pete G and Amanda Sin. I was surprised by how blown out the course was since the week before but the young riders had that course dialed and not going to lie Pete D was the one showing me the lines #localhardwoodkidproblems

Thursday was XCE we had two riders in there Bretton Matthews and Lespy who put down some solid heats but missed out on the finals, i think all the spectators were impressed and stoked on the event, probably why its likely to be renamed XCO.

Friday I rode with some of the athletes I coach, they raced the longer course which was a classic hardwood course, super fast yet not wide bar friendly. got out of there before the storm hit.

Saturday, not sure ive ever been so relaxed going into a Nationals, only goal was to make it to the first piece of singletrack without crashing or almost crashing. I did and had a solid start, just missing out on the front group which to be honest i probably wouldn't have held onto for very long. Still don't quite get the fight someone for a wheel then immediately watch that wheel ride away technique to racing, but I'm still learning i guess.

I'm going to refrain from commenting on my tangle
with Pete G other than to post this video,

Once I gathered myself off the ground I settled into a nice chase mode, made easier by the Mitch B riding by and allowing me to get a little draftage off him, and not long before Mcsqueezy coming by on his last lap. That last lap was tough knowing the u-23's were rolling across the finish line, and yes I said to myself "when i was a U23....."

rolled in for 7th, my best nationals in recent years and after Sudbury I was just happy to feel like I was in the race.

Sunday morning I headed over to Hardwood early to watch the athletes I coach race, they threw down pretty good, with a Gold and Bronze in Junior and Cole getting a taste of Quebec speed legs.

 Post AM races we gathered up two  Norco A teams, for the Relay both teams rode strong with one team being the First Trade Team in the relay. #attaboys

So a great week, another couple days of RICE for the knee and we'll see if Road Provincials is a possibility

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