Monday, July 22, 2013

National championships extravaganza

Sitting on the couch with this weird feeling that I should be driving back to Hardwood today, thankfully as awesome as Hardwood is im happy to be just chilling out after a long week.

Wednesday morning after a couple days of unwinding and icing my knee after Sudbury I headed over to the venue to ride with the Ontario Team on the course with Pete G and Amanda Sin. I was surprised by how blown out the course was since the week before but the young riders had that course dialed and not going to lie Pete D was the one showing me the lines #localhardwoodkidproblems

Thursday was XCE we had two riders in there Bretton Matthews and Lespy who put down some solid heats but missed out on the finals, i think all the spectators were impressed and stoked on the event, probably why its likely to be renamed XCO.

Friday I rode with some of the athletes I coach, they raced the longer course which was a classic hardwood course, super fast yet not wide bar friendly. got out of there before the storm hit.

Saturday, not sure ive ever been so relaxed going into a Nationals, only goal was to make it to the first piece of singletrack without crashing or almost crashing. I did and had a solid start, just missing out on the front group which to be honest i probably wouldn't have held onto for very long. Still don't quite get the fight someone for a wheel then immediately watch that wheel ride away technique to racing, but I'm still learning i guess.

I'm going to refrain from commenting on my tangle
with Pete G other than to post this video,

Once I gathered myself off the ground I settled into a nice chase mode, made easier by the Mitch B riding by and allowing me to get a little draftage off him, and not long before Mcsqueezy coming by on his last lap. That last lap was tough knowing the u-23's were rolling across the finish line, and yes I said to myself "when i was a U23....."

rolled in for 7th, my best nationals in recent years and after Sudbury I was just happy to feel like I was in the race.

Sunday morning I headed over to Hardwood early to watch the athletes I coach race, they threw down pretty good, with a Gold and Bronze in Junior and Cole getting a taste of Quebec speed legs.

 Post AM races we gathered up two  Norco A teams, for the Relay both teams rode strong with one team being the First Trade Team in the relay. #attaboys

So a great week, another couple days of RICE for the knee and we'll see if Road Provincials is a possibility

Monday, July 15, 2013

Naughton Re-cap

What an awesome weekend, although this race has epitomised the definition of gong show for me the past two years. I can't help but to walk away smiling.

Started off heading to North Bay for a Demo with Cheapskates and had some good conversations with the locals and was able to share some of the experiences I've had with the newly formed SCMBC and how something up there could help with some of their land access issues.

Arrived late into Lively our base camp for the weekend close to the race in Naughton. Friday and Saturday were spent in the sun on the course shredding the DH with Brett and also got some good laps in with the Two Wheel  boys(and girls) also hit the local swimming hole a couple times to try and stay cool.

Our hotel staff were the best we made friends pretty quick and felt at home whenever we sat down in the morning to eat.

Races in the AM i got to watch two athletes I coach score some podiums and PB's on a super hot and hard course. Really happy for Cole and Adam Pugsley for their performances.

I had a lot of pressure on me for the race, with a callout to win the second row callup, didn't workout in the mayhem off the start, i came away not bad with a sore leg/knee/hamstring, but others got it worse, my friend Matt F has some good battle wounds. 

Learning: my leg can bend a really long way without breaking, guess its all the yoga I've been doing.

The Norco Revolver HT was awesome on course, had a lot of fun on the descents, the HT was a little rough but the Kenda Karma's were supple enough to take a lot of the edge off.

Up next Nationals,

oh yeah, and I'm of the opinion Froome is clean, yes hes climbing as fast as Dopestrong but he looks like hes actually working for it.