Tuesday, June 11, 2013

if the sun ever came out id blog more


Yes as my title insinuates I'm not a fan of this endless rainy/snowy/cloudy spring. On the plus side at least its warmed up a bit.

My theory is that we're entering into some kind of ten year winter(yes I've recently discovered game of thrones(this blog will probably be full of GOT references))  after the past decade of record highs and endless summers that's apparently come to an end and cold winds are picking up. 

On the racing front, Sir Sams was a great event as promised, great course, great area and not to far away. Race went well, after battling traffic for the first lap I was able to have some clear track for lap two before running into lapped traffic, and she was heavy even double lapping folks. But hey Ive always enjoyed paying the iron price. Love the direction Sean is taking, basically making the O-cups like they were back in the 90's. Freakin hard.
The revolver HT (27inch) was primo on the course, I keep finding little things i like about it, one thing I realized is with the lower front end and higher BB, its way easier to keep weight on the front wheel, which was nice when turning on rock piles and the little "step ups" on the course. People keep asking me about the wheel size and its really not the wheel size I'm enjoying, its that the bike fits me well. And I think thats something thats been set aside with the 29er influx to a certain extent. (cue backlash) 

On deck, AWI wedding, theres going to be lots of plaid at Jacob and Lizards wedding, maybe a chainsaw or two. Good times this weekend.

racing wise, a bit of break between now and the Sudbury Canada Cup, so lots of training miles in store, maybe some good group rides. Then its Sudbury, Hardwood, Road Provincials in a row. 

-learning- Lululemon is actually an American Company incorporated in the US, Ive been lied too. 

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