Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting to the bottom of it

After 3 weeks down and out with something I just couldn't kick, I called my doctor to come in and see another week.So I opted for the sketchy clinic route and headed into town. Sure enough it was more than just a cold with the doc hearing “something” in my lungs and prescribing me antibiotics which are used to treat Pneumonia as well as Bronchitis and sinusitis. So its probably one of those things, he didn’t actually say.

Its been really tough to put racing on hold today is the second spring race I was hoping to do but I'm confident if I put my health first Ill be able to hit May and UCI race season in good shape.

Its given me a chance to give the legs a break, I’ve been heading out on some nice easy rides, and skis as well since winter is very nice this time of spring. It will be a little while before we get out on some dry trails up here. I took out the GoPro and took a few shots of my latest road ride.

I'm just waiting to take out my new Tactic on some clean roads, I'm no chemist but I think salt and electrical systems don't mix, but with some rain in the forecast hopefully they'll be clear soon.

I've also been enjoying helping out on some committees and seeing a new MTB specific club being formed here in Simcoe County with the aim of building some more legal singletrack. The riding here is amazing but with the current litigious climate the public land managers are looking for a group to take stewardship of the trails. They have a cool logo so that's taken care of. Lots of interesting stuff going on around these parts with the BCC also taking on some MTB stuff. 


All for now, time to get healthy and get training


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