Thursday, January 31, 2013


weird it looks like google has taken the bull by the horns and added ads, par for the course I guess. I urge everyone to never click them.

Had a restful rest week last week, it was nice that it coincided with the arctic cold snap. Or as we would have called it 10 years ago "winter".

February 1st, tomorrow almost a beginning of the end of the winter, 5 weeks till heading back down south for some training camp action with the Ontario Team. Looking forward to going back knowing what to expect from one of these camps. Last year was a new experience.

Training wise starting to pick up the intensity, which is a nice change from the long endurance and tempo sessions. A little easier on the brain to have things broken up into shorter intervals.

 Looking forward to getting my Level 2 underway next weekend, hopefully have it finished up by early May. AWI coaching services (working on the name) is expanding exponentially still a part time gig with racing and training but maybe I can help YOU achieve your cycling goals.

The team is moving forward, I expect to put in the paperwork next week to the OCA so there's still time to sign up if your looking for a Team. We promise lots high fives, a sharp kit (by Oro-medonte standards) and no performance expectations.

Ski day tomorrow at Hardwood Ski and Bike, hopefully Tristan is in the groove tonight while grooming.

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