Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2 things I believe can make the difference between a great CX course and an OK course. (on a soapbox)

So lots of talk about course design and "what the amuricans do" with their CX courses and why there so much "better". I'm using quotes as better is a relative term, and its pretty subjective.

My experience with US courses is limited, there are lots of more experienced guys out there racing but I'll share what i've seen at a couple US events vs what I see here in Ontario sometimes and to an extent what I saw last year at Nats in Van.

** disclaimer I know that some venues are limited with what can be done, and I KNOW that all organizers and designers have the best of intentions. So don't take any offense to this,

Guideline 1: Stop using a maze of tight 180's and 90 degree corners. All they do is inhibit the racers ability to race each other since all it does is cause brake checking even if no one is actually trying to brake check. This destroys group racing, and promotes lots of lone riders on course. = less exciting = less fun = less racers and spectators.

Guideline 2: Find the natural features like hills, wide forested sections, off camber banks,  at a venue and guide the course to those, try to limit using stakes and tape to "make" features.

Really that's about it, those two things are what I believe separate what courses people love to do and what courses people just kinda do.

Monday, September 23, 2013

#chinacx - edited with pics

a trip worth blogging about

Well its been a trip, currently sitting in the Beijing airport way to early to check into my flight. Turns out this whole trip was legit.

Trip over went smooth, long flight but i was finally able to catch some shuteye for once, possibly my old man for a seatmate helped with that. We were all pretty zonked out by the time we got on the bus for our 2+ hour ride to Yanqing where we were staying with the race site a short 5km ride away from the hotel.

After solid meal and a good nights sleep we were able to jump into the great wall tour, the wall was impressive and had some serious pitches on it that would have pissed IMBA off, but what really blew me away was the sheer number of people there, they must put a half million people a day into that section of Wall. Apparently we are all hero's now for getting to the top and back down.

Before long we were back at our hotel getting ready to check out the course for the event, which also came along with getting to ride on the roads here. Not as bad as i was expecting, everyone is equally as crazy so it works out. After a little rain the course had some greasy spots but overall was pretty fast. Some called it a MTBer course, i still don't know what that means. It wasn't a typical grass field venue we were riding in a forest with trees for stakes and it was bumpy, but we were on CX bikes and we had three forced stair runups a lap so id call it a cx course.

After the first full day there I think most of us started to feel the jetlag, and were ready to get some shuteye.

Mealtime was always a nice way to meet riders from other countries and mingle, turns out i had breakfast with the Eliminator world champ and didn't even know it till after, nice fella.

Course training day 2 was pretty standard, it was nice to have the morning to just chill and relax. By the afternoon the course was bone dry and fast. Made the decision to just run my SB8 clinchers as lower pressure wasn't really a benefit and I do love my SB8's and i brought my mud tubs so they would have been squirly on the hardpacked surface. Also the nicest bike lanes i have ever seen

Pre-race meal was a big banquet with a bunch of local dignitaries and the sponsors of the race, and they know how to put on a banquet, a feast of epic proportions ensued. With some rider introductions of a bunch of euro's who won worlds and world cups etc, to me every cross racer is sven nys so whatever.

Race day arrived, race day boredom also arrived, but before long we were spinning to the course in time to catch the womens race which was over pretty quick 35 minutes.

Jumped on the course to get a final lap in to dial my lines and firgure out my race strategy, which was essentially to not get crashed out on the start and take it from there. I was a little nervous about how i was feeling up until my warmup when my legs finally started to kick in and I figured id be able to go the distance at a good clip.

Race start was kinda sketch with 65 guys on the line, but i made it through unscathed probably in the low 20's. I used a few matches to get up a bit into the teens, and before long i was soloing to a big group. Unfortunately as i approached the group guys would keep falling off, and i'd need to wait to get by and chase down the group again. Had to repeat that a few times. I got onto the back of a 4 man train and looked up the track to see McNeely up about 10 seconds with another rider. So I settled on behind the group and waited to see what would happen and if McSqueezy could ride away before I made a move on the group.

A lap or two later Evan had to pit for a repair and I moved to the front of the group and put down a solid couple laps to distance myself and get into the top 10. I got as far as the 5th place group when there was a split I was caught at the back by some teammates blocking and missed out on that train.

But the efforts early in the race started to come through with some heavy legs on the false flat sections and the rough course rendered my hands two blistered hunks of meat so I was pretty much just hanging on the last two laps.

I was able to keep the pressure on and finished 8th, happy with that, I was in the UCI points and cash. Once again good to feel good racing on a bike again.

Back to the hotel and we got all prettied up for the celebratory banquet, where the beer flowed like wine and so did the rice wine.

Overall probably the most well organized bike race I've ever been too, and the hospitality we received was second to none. At most UCI races there's a VIP tent and area for “special” people to get feed and have a drink. Difference with this race was the Athletes were the VIP's. Obviously economically a much different situation but I think all race organizers could have learned a thing or two from these folks.

So yes I'm completely spoiled and will compare all races henceforth to this one.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Not my first Enduro actually Enduro's used to be pretty big in the Province but since their decline the name seems to have been pillaged by the Gravity crowd and is now used o describe this new kind of hybrid event.

What is DH Enduro: well put simply your Dh's are timed top to bottom and hopefully these runs also have some pedalling sections to help even it out for the xc'ers. In between these DH stages you need to then climb back to the next start area. These are timed in some way and aren't meant to reward a fast climber but penalize a slow one. If you go over a set time then that time gets added to your DH time.  Essentially a great way to keep the DH'ers from bringing their DH bikes and full gear to then shred the DH's.

Horseshoe hosted the first Enduro(on a weeknd) in Ontario put on the by the DH O-cup organizer Tuf Rack. The format seemed to be very fluid as the days ticked down and actually was finalized on the start line by a show of hands. With dissenters getting a kick in the shins, at 1:15 we started, the Expert wave had a lot of the xc'ers in in and of course we don't know how to not go hard off the start even though the first climb didn't count for anything.

First Dh stage is actually the same as the last DH in the XC provincials course, a fun bermed dh with two rocky features which on a AM bike are nothing but on a 20 lbs xc HT could be exciting. Second climb was hot and steep, the folks on the lighter xc bikes easily pedaled away. Arrived at DH 2 had a little break at the top, yes you can stop and just chill out if you want.

DH 2 is an O-cup DH run, a few steep sections and rock gardens,  nothing crazy but im glad i was on the Norco Sight. I can see the thrill of DH racing, having a bunch of people standing beside a fast berm or after a huck to rock garden at speed is kinda fun, usually in xc were going so slow you can wave and smile at spectators if you want too. Sprinting over a little kicker and peddling hard to a finish line, kinda fun.

Uphill 3 was the same as the first climb, which is also the last XC climb in the provincials course, a nasty sandy steep climb, which to ride "easily" is the same as riding at race pace.

DH 3, runs parallel to 1 but a less bermy more rutted run, had a "oh S$%t" moment when the Sight got going a little faster then my brain could process the info (not enough Ram) but kept it upright and hit the line to go up hill 4...which is the same as Climb 2.

Got to the top of DH 4, and realized it was almost over, a bit sad, but I enjoyed the last DH, the most "airy" run, im sure my wheels were very close to the ground but in my head I was sending it huge. 2 wooden launches and few fast drops, this also had the most amount of pedalling at the bottom which i hit hard,

all said and done it was a little over 30 minutes, not epic by any means but a lot of fun and something that could evolve a lot here. Al had his hands full timing and results are still pending but everyone had a great time and really the results don't matter (just saying that cause i know i got worked by the DH'ers)

overall tons of fun, thanks to Norco for the loaner 2014 Sight, I looked the part of enduro rider at least. And Tuf Rack for putting in a ton of work on the course and of course Al for timing,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Past few

After a not so good Sudbury/Nationals week which concluded with a pretty sore left knee after some non-crash- crashes that I tried my best to ignore and just get through it, I was finally able to give it some needed rest the following week.

By midweek the knee was feeling a lot better and I signed up for Road Provincials in the cookstown marsh north of Bradford. Which was a blast in a painful road racing type of way, after 2 hours of some good efforts  I could start to feel some cramping in my left hamstring, probably a little left over strain from the weeks before, so I backed off and followed wheels till the last lap when essentially all heck broke loose and sure enough full leg cramp in the crosswind section with about 10 to go. Not the 4th I had a few years ago but made it to the finish.

Long weekend ended up not racing Vermont and took some folks out on a Big Chute ride on the Sunday, beauty day for it, (pic is of another ride but basically the same folks...)

Then it was off to St Anne, for my 10th run at it. No matter how much they change it around its always going to be a tough race, steep climbs, rooty rocky singletrack, and this year a killer headwind to deal with. The trip out was great with Josh our super Soigneur ...minus the massages. It was a odd weekend weather wise, chilly and rainy one minute then chilly and humid yet still kinda warm the next. The track was shortened in dramatic fashion with the removal of the gravel climb and Beatrice descent.

Race was good, got caught in traffic(not sure its possible not to) and missed out on some of the groups, and ended up in no mans land for 6 laps, which isn't always a bad thing but that wind was killer riding solo. Rode well and consistently no real mistakes or crashes just didn't have that final gear to make it on the final lap. Rolled in for 41st(ish)  huge thanks to Kevin, Jonathan and Josh for all their help this weekend.
*action shots by the Bailey Clan

up next Duntroon, always awesome riding, then the Horseshoe Enduro... then we'll see

Monday, July 22, 2013

National championships extravaganza

Sitting on the couch with this weird feeling that I should be driving back to Hardwood today, thankfully as awesome as Hardwood is im happy to be just chilling out after a long week.

Wednesday morning after a couple days of unwinding and icing my knee after Sudbury I headed over to the venue to ride with the Ontario Team on the course with Pete G and Amanda Sin. I was surprised by how blown out the course was since the week before but the young riders had that course dialed and not going to lie Pete D was the one showing me the lines #localhardwoodkidproblems

Thursday was XCE we had two riders in there Bretton Matthews and Lespy who put down some solid heats but missed out on the finals, i think all the spectators were impressed and stoked on the event, probably why its likely to be renamed XCO.

Friday I rode with some of the athletes I coach, they raced the longer course which was a classic hardwood course, super fast yet not wide bar friendly. got out of there before the storm hit.

Saturday, not sure ive ever been so relaxed going into a Nationals, only goal was to make it to the first piece of singletrack without crashing or almost crashing. I did and had a solid start, just missing out on the front group which to be honest i probably wouldn't have held onto for very long. Still don't quite get the fight someone for a wheel then immediately watch that wheel ride away technique to racing, but I'm still learning i guess.

I'm going to refrain from commenting on my tangle
with Pete G other than to post this video,

Once I gathered myself off the ground I settled into a nice chase mode, made easier by the Mitch B riding by and allowing me to get a little draftage off him, and not long before Mcsqueezy coming by on his last lap. That last lap was tough knowing the u-23's were rolling across the finish line, and yes I said to myself "when i was a U23....."

rolled in for 7th, my best nationals in recent years and after Sudbury I was just happy to feel like I was in the race.

Sunday morning I headed over to Hardwood early to watch the athletes I coach race, they threw down pretty good, with a Gold and Bronze in Junior and Cole getting a taste of Quebec speed legs.

 Post AM races we gathered up two  Norco A teams, for the Relay both teams rode strong with one team being the First Trade Team in the relay. #attaboys

So a great week, another couple days of RICE for the knee and we'll see if Road Provincials is a possibility

Monday, July 15, 2013

Naughton Re-cap

What an awesome weekend, although this race has epitomised the definition of gong show for me the past two years. I can't help but to walk away smiling.

Started off heading to North Bay for a Demo with Cheapskates and had some good conversations with the locals and was able to share some of the experiences I've had with the newly formed SCMBC and how something up there could help with some of their land access issues.

Arrived late into Lively our base camp for the weekend close to the race in Naughton. Friday and Saturday were spent in the sun on the course shredding the DH with Brett and also got some good laps in with the Two Wheel  boys(and girls) also hit the local swimming hole a couple times to try and stay cool.

Our hotel staff were the best we made friends pretty quick and felt at home whenever we sat down in the morning to eat.

Races in the AM i got to watch two athletes I coach score some podiums and PB's on a super hot and hard course. Really happy for Cole and Adam Pugsley for their performances.

I had a lot of pressure on me for the race, with a callout to win the second row callup, didn't workout in the mayhem off the start, i came away not bad with a sore leg/knee/hamstring, but others got it worse, my friend Matt F has some good battle wounds. 

Learning: my leg can bend a really long way without breaking, guess its all the yoga I've been doing.

The Norco Revolver HT was awesome on course, had a lot of fun on the descents, the HT was a little rough but the Kenda Karma's were supple enough to take a lot of the edge off.

Up next Nationals,

oh yeah, and I'm of the opinion Froome is clean, yes hes climbing as fast as Dopestrong but he looks like hes actually working for it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

if the sun ever came out id blog more


Yes as my title insinuates I'm not a fan of this endless rainy/snowy/cloudy spring. On the plus side at least its warmed up a bit.

My theory is that we're entering into some kind of ten year winter(yes I've recently discovered game of thrones(this blog will probably be full of GOT references))  after the past decade of record highs and endless summers that's apparently come to an end and cold winds are picking up. 

On the racing front, Sir Sams was a great event as promised, great course, great area and not to far away. Race went well, after battling traffic for the first lap I was able to have some clear track for lap two before running into lapped traffic, and she was heavy even double lapping folks. But hey Ive always enjoyed paying the iron price. Love the direction Sean is taking, basically making the O-cups like they were back in the 90's. Freakin hard.
The revolver HT (27inch) was primo on the course, I keep finding little things i like about it, one thing I realized is with the lower front end and higher BB, its way easier to keep weight on the front wheel, which was nice when turning on rock piles and the little "step ups" on the course. People keep asking me about the wheel size and its really not the wheel size I'm enjoying, its that the bike fits me well. And I think thats something thats been set aside with the 29er influx to a certain extent. (cue backlash) 

On deck, AWI wedding, theres going to be lots of plaid at Jacob and Lizards wedding, maybe a chainsaw or two. Good times this weekend.

racing wise, a bit of break between now and the Sudbury Canada Cup, so lots of training miles in store, maybe some good group rides. Then its Sudbury, Hardwood, Road Provincials in a row. 

-learning- Lululemon is actually an American Company incorporated in the US, Ive been lied too. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lake of Bays

In one of the best actions films of all time, Armageddon there’s a scene with Owen Wilson asking what the “conditions” would be like on an Asteroid. After hearing these he said ok just say “scariest environment imaginable.” It was no surprise that I had the voice of Owen Wilson rattling around my head on Sunday when I was in the group at the Lake of Bays road race riding along a wide open highway with no shelter from the snow, rain, sleet.

Backing up a bit, I had been looking at the forecast with interest since registering for the 170km Road Race held at Deerhurst resort. After factoring in a margin of error it wasn't a surprise to arrive there with snow falling.

Combine a 75km lap around a lake, with no shortcuts back, and freezing temperatures rain, sleet, hail, snowsqualls, crosswinds, and we all knew on the start line it could become an epic day on a bike. We were a wave of our own since we were doing 2 laps around the lake for a total of 170km once you ride to the loop and back from the resort. The other categories were slated to do a single lap for 96km.

Rain started pretty early on our ride out to the loop, I felt heavy with my full winter kit on but with team orders to “not get sick” I was willing to stay warm at all costs. A few teams in attendance, JetFuel- Norco had strength in numbers, Real Deal-Gears had some firepower, and Stevens from Ottawa had a solid crew out as well.

Attacks started pretty early on with Travis Samuel of JetFuel-Norco going off the front with another rider. Being a lone wolf I was perfectly fine sitting in. As we hit hwy 35, I looked at my Garmin and saw and AVG speed of 33kph. So much for the planned 40. And it was a hard 33kph, with lots of attacks and counter attacks. Seemed to be coming from Ed Veal, but Jet Fuel always seemed to bring things back together. And the wind was downright nasty for the first half lap. I hit the front once, on a DH pedalling hard and barely broke 40kph. A rider after commented saying we were riding faster up hill than down.

When we rode into the third snowsquall, and after almost riding over a guys head narrowly missing a big pileup. I made the call to pull out of the race at about the 50km mark. But i was still 50km from my car which was parked on the other side of a lake. So I stayed with the group just keeping an eye on the distance until I could turn off. The pace really started to pick up as well after the feedzone, and by the time we finished the lap the speed was up to 35, but my hands were blocks of ice. With no dexterity shifting was hard with the Di2, and braking was pretty much out of the question. At the turn off I turned off with another rider, about 20 or so brave souls continued on for another 75km lap. The other riders who were dropped also turned for the resort behind us.

I rolled in for my 2nd (by choice) DNF in 18 years of racing bikes. Which I am ok with.

The hotel lobby was littered with bodies huddled in blankets, with lots of racers in the “my teammate has the car keys” boat.

We would occasionally get reports from the road and the group seemed to be dwindling. In the end 13 brave souls rolled into the finish after nearly 5 hours of racing. 

I pushed the AWI board pretty hard to award Man ride points to the finishers, With Mike Mandel being awarded the most since he was out there the longest but my request was denied. Its under appeal right now.

hats off to Bruce Bird and WOB for a great race, I'm sure if I could have seen the course would have been beautiful.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Promised myself I wouldn't cry

What a week we've had weather wise, maybe I literally get sick of the cold weather? Mentally for sure but physically is that possible?

Lets keep this positive, my deep depression that was April and not racing is over and I finally swung my leg over some bikes to race.

Wednesday, May 1 where my first race of the season was also where I first raced ever, a midweek wednesday nighter at Coulson Hill in Bradford. Not a "big" race but the spok o motion guys showed up looking fit. 1st lap had me in a spot of bother, Steve Prosser (woodnewton sen ex winner) put down a good effort and opened up a healthy gap. I was able to bring it down and go by. So nice to finally be back racing bikes.

Did some nice MTB rides this week in copeland and sugarbush and "other", trails are already super sandy, but its better than a couple feet of snow. Even got my friend Krista out into the copeland she didn't like the roots that made her "tires go sideways" and only swore at me once so it was good.

Sunday I rolled over to the oro interclub for to race all the local strava competitors, where we put down the garmins and raced head to head, its a crazy idea.( *don't be silly we still raced with our garmins)

I was aboard the nicest road bike I have ever ridden, Di2 Tactic with some C50's from Shimano, my dream of finally seeing what the fuss is about with carbon wheels has come true. They're pretty sweet, they make cool sounds, accelerate great, and seem to like to hold a highish speed. Road racers might be onto something...

With my Norco Teammate Bretton sleeping in, I aligned myself with AWI racing to go up against the teams from Bikeland and Velocity

The powers that be gave group 4 a 5 minute gap back to us in group 5. I guess 90 seconds isn't enough when you have 20 guys in a group. I honestly wasn't sure if we'd catch. But we worked very well together and managed to avg 42-43kph for the first 3 laps to bring the gap down to a minute. Then the games began, guys start sitting on the back, nobody pulls through. So I gave her a go to see if I could get across by myself. No dice AWI racer Jacob M, chased me down with all the Velocity guys in tow. #notteamwork

Took another lap to close that final gap, so one lap to go and it was pretty much all back together. Up the 4th I was pretty much stuck on the front, with Rob H on my wheel. I hit the gas hard to string it out up the few rollers there are on the 4th. And a gap suddenly formed, weird how that happens, don't attack just up the pace and they let you ride away, attack and everyone chases you like a dog, must be some sort of evolutionary hunting mechanism.

Once the gap was a few seconds I really hit the gas to open it up and try to make it stick. About 8 km to go. Looking back I could see the 50 or so racers fanned across the road so I knew they weren't crushing it. Gap grew to point where I couldn't make out who was who but apparently Jacob sat on the front and just cruised. #teamwork

Felt really good and strong until I turned south on the 7th for the last 2-3 km to the finish, straight into a headwind. It was all I could do to hold 38kph. I was pretty sure I'd get caught but the gap held steady and I was able to crest the final climb with some distance to the group and roll over the line.
Big high five to Nathan Jeffs who rolled in for 2nd, an athlete I work with who has put in a lot of hard work and has improved a TON over the past 12 months.

41.5kph avg, not bad for a club race.

Post race I rolled over to Hardwood Ski and Bike for their annual demo day where Norco was setup along with a bunch of other manufacturers and shops. Lots of bikes going in and out, so much to choose from these days as well, 10 years ago a demo day would have been a bunch of 26 inch hardtails with v-brakes, now there's dualy's 650b's 26ers, 29ers. 100mm 120mm 140mm lots of options to suit your riding.
Afterwards we hit sugar bush for a tour of the new stuff, always nice to show some folks some new trail they've never ridden before, isnt that what MTBing is all about?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting to the bottom of it

After 3 weeks down and out with something I just couldn't kick, I called my doctor to come in and see him...in another week.So I opted for the sketchy clinic route and headed into town. Sure enough it was more than just a cold with the doc hearing “something” in my lungs and prescribing me antibiotics which are used to treat Pneumonia as well as Bronchitis and sinusitis. So its probably one of those things, he didn’t actually say.

Its been really tough to put racing on hold today is the second spring race I was hoping to do but I'm confident if I put my health first Ill be able to hit May and UCI race season in good shape.

Its given me a chance to give the legs a break, I’ve been heading out on some nice easy rides, and skis as well since winter is very nice this time of spring. It will be a little while before we get out on some dry trails up here. I took out the GoPro and took a few shots of my latest road ride.

I'm just waiting to take out my new Tactic on some clean roads, I'm no chemist but I think salt and electrical systems don't mix, but with some rain in the forecast hopefully they'll be clear soon.

I've also been enjoying helping out on some committees and seeing a new MTB specific club being formed here in Simcoe County with the aim of building some more legal singletrack. The riding here is amazing but with the current litigious climate the public land managers are looking for a group to take stewardship of the trails. They have a cool logo so that's taken care of. Lots of interesting stuff going on around these parts with the BCC also taking on some MTB stuff. 


All for now, time to get healthy and get training


Friday, February 8, 2013

s#@w day!!

Im worried that if the internet has the s word in it one more time today it will explode.

Also coaching tip of the month, if you have a little fall on your XC skis and think you hurt your ribs a bit, don't go out and ski hard a couple days later. (even if you crush some KOM's)

All jazzed for the coaching course this weekend in TO, made plans to also get a Joyride visit in, been far to long really interested to see the changes they've made down there.

Ill let Tristan crush some good grooming this weekend and hopefully be back on snow next week for some more prep work heading into the first race of the season.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


weird it looks like google has taken the bull by the horns and added ads, par for the course I guess. I urge everyone to never click them.

Had a restful rest week last week, it was nice that it coincided with the arctic cold snap. Or as we would have called it 10 years ago "winter".

February 1st, tomorrow almost a beginning of the end of the winter, 5 weeks till heading back down south for some training camp action with the Ontario Team. Looking forward to going back knowing what to expect from one of these camps. Last year was a new experience.

Training wise starting to pick up the intensity, which is a nice change from the long endurance and tempo sessions. A little easier on the brain to have things broken up into shorter intervals.

 Looking forward to getting my Level 2 underway next weekend, hopefully have it finished up by early May. AWI coaching services (working on the name) is expanding exponentially still a part time gig with racing and training but maybe I can help YOU achieve your cycling goals.

The team is moving forward, I expect to put in the paperwork next week to the OCA so there's still time to sign up if your looking for a Team. We promise lots high fives, a sharp kit (by Oro-medonte standards) and no performance expectations.

Ski day tomorrow at Hardwood Ski and Bike, hopefully Tristan is in the groove tonight while grooming.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Big Big News

No not really but I grabbed your attention with that title didn't I

But in the news section I have officially signed on the dotted line (actually its not dotted) to ride for the Norco Factory Team throughout the MTB season of 2013. Looking forward to it and even a new teammate Evan Guthrie, yes I had mixed feelings about allowing someone with  nicer stache potential than me on the team but he rides bikes fast and with how do the french say "panache" so I'm sure itll be worth it. Welcome to the team Evan. (first rule don't touch my stuff)

Training: Just about to finish up a solid 3 week build, just two more days till a nice rest week. Good mix of road rides, long skis and specific workouts with the old powermeter on the Kreitlers. Felling healthier than years previous at this point in time, seems like I got to skip this years flu.

Skiing has been good, Hardwood is doing a superb job of grooming in tough conditions. 

Mandatory Lance Mention : only the first two minutes of that oprah interview were honest everything else was either very grey, or complete and utter BS,

AWI Racing: After a formal conference I message the existing Team Members voted almost unanimously (I dissented) to affiliate the team with the OCA to receive full recognition of our result(s). Invitations are forthcoming, We considered the non-profit club route, but hello paperwork, AGM's etc decided it was worth the extra bones to go "private race team" So if your looking for a race team and don't mind wearing "rustic" influenced clothing then maybe this teams for you. More info to come at www.awi-racing.blogspot.com

Race Calender: Still lots to figure out, but Hell of the North is a spring target for sure, not 100% a race in format, but a challenge for sure.

all for now, watching this guy on TV win the Guinness world record for "The most lies on TV in 60 minutes" award