Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mount Sugar

Rode up to that peak twice in the past two days with some solid riding partners. Its been a nice change compared to the solo miles I've been putting in.

Yesterday was a little greasy, for a long route hitting a few different trail systems around, got Tristan out for that one. (follow him on twitter @spurtt)

Today was all about the frozen ground after a cold night, infinite traction, Jer and I timed it just right and made it out of sugarbush and the 8th just as it was starting to warm up and that infiinite traction became finite. Even nabbed a KOM, dual credit with Jer for sure.

reading: Towns are loving (road)cycling these days, big bucks to pay organizers to organize events.

also, depending on when MTB provincials are (ive seen three very different Schedules) Sept 15 will be the AWI grand fondo, Tristan Spurr is the route designer, its going to incorporate both Awenda PP and Big chute.

The Hobbit: was a big let down, over the top CGI, dragged out story, it should be two films max not three, #cashgrab acting good, story good, but should have kept it simple and closer to the LOTR mold.

Friday, December 7, 2012

end of line

Well thats it folks, (i think) well for December at least, those UCI races in January have my attention but we'll see if I feel like racing, might be time for a break.

Niagara was great, Jeff did a solid job with the courses, along with his army of helpers it was a great chilly weekend to wrap up the Ontario season. I managed to hold on to my undefeated by "Ontario licensed riders within the province" Streak and also won the Overall series. Which actually i didnt even get a pat on the back for, well at least I know I can keep Mogg from grabbing the unused #1 for next year.

Got some skiing in before heading down to Rhode Island with SRS, really great trip, The courses were great, fields were solid always had someone to chase. Like always Sunday was better than Saturday, minus the pileups i kept riding into, trust me i tried to ride over guys and their bikes but sometimes you end up on the ground with your knees through their carbon wheels. Today was the first day back on the bike with some nice swelling and cuts on both knees.

Ultra chill week, just contemplating the next season. Coaching seems to be on deck again which I'm looking forward to, not sure its any surprise but Ill be proudly aboard Norco Bicycles again, looking forward to a healthy spring, but at least I know what to look for if my immune system decides to kick in again for no reason.

Counted up 30 race days this year, starting with the Hell of the North which was a highlight for sure, and ending in Warwick.

Id throw out a AWI honorary Organizer of the year Award to the Real Deal Crew, Ed and Mike, hosting some awesome "different" events like Hell Of the North and the Georgian 200, their CX race was great too.

Norco Bicycles and the new face of Norco- Live to play sports were behind me every step of the way.

Got my winter bikes all set up, 26 inch hardtail alloy MTB, and mounted some Tubulars on the winter road bike, old school, or pain in the ass we'll see.

Tristan is refreshing like mad to see this update so i should get it posted.