Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skyfall review.....and maybe some cx nats stuff

As requested from the nation my Skyfall breakdown, in short good but its no Casino Royal. Another "dark" lone wolf type flick, there really trying to hone in on the Dark Knight success in my opinion. Playing up the rich orphan storyline of bonds past, hello bruce wayne, he even has a butler waiting for him when he returns home.

All the acting was great, I just felt like I was watching another Batman movie. Good, had its moments but overplayed at the moment. Not to mention the main Bond girl in the movie was Judi Dench.

onto this past weekend out on the wet coast, travel was smooth as butter, met up with Lesperance at YVR and headed to white rock.

Nats was good, had a good start but didnt have the legs to hold it and turn it into a result ended up with a lucky 7.  Sunday was somewhat the opposite good legs, but after a solid crash and the subsequent 3-4 gears I had to use after I did my best to hang onto 11th.

 Monday we got to visit Norco HQ, where the "real" work happens, place is huge, without a guided tour we'd probably still be there.

up next Niagara falls for for the last CX race in Ontario,(for the year)(or ever if the mayans are correct)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

another day another 30 dollars

This past weekend had Tristan and myself loading up the AWI race vehicle, and heading into the belly of the beast, Ottawa.

I got called out pretty hard on the facebooks by the likes of Rob Orange and Chris Reid, so I really didnt have a choice.

Early departure, beautiful morning here in Craighurst, 8 degrees. Picked up my Soigneur for day and took the "back" way to our nationals capitol. As the temperature dropped the whole way. Arrived right at 11, to a nice rendition of in flanders fields on the radio.

Well the forecasted 14 and sunny didnt come true but the course and venue were great. Got to see some folks i havent seen for a while.

Between 1-2pm leading up to our race the temperature climbed about 10 degrees. Race was good, I f-ed up the start Brad said 30 seconds, I kept waiting for 15 to get my game face on, when he just gave us the horn. #mentalnote

The rest of the race was spent chasing DSJ, never did catch him, but had fun trying on the tight twisty greasy corners. The new mud tires worked awesome as did the new hoops, the dura ace hubs are sawweeettt. And the new reflex's braked really well.

Rolled in for second...but turns out still first ontario rider, so I still have all 25's in the S-cup series. Gonna be a Nathan, Mancini, Watson showdown in Niagara falls for the overall I think.

The drive home was solid, it was awesome having Tristan along for the day, kept me awake for the drive and was a great jacket taker/bike holder.

Up next CX nationals in Vancouver, sorry South Surrey, should be good times.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

while its fresh

The local club had its day in the sun(even though it was cloudy) today with hosting their first Provincial Championship.It was a chilly one, called for +3 with sun but that sun never showed up, so i think it barely hovered above zero. Raced in knee warmers and embro and didnt regret it.

Shane did a wicked job with the course this year, kind of a combo of the first two years. The Joyride 150 stairs were a great feature and definitely a throwback to the infamous stairs at Sunnidale. Long(long) power sections and some nicely dialed in turns. Still maybe a hair short on time but with the course maxed at 3.6km, the only choice would make some slower turnier sections. As its not like there are any climbs to throw in.

Race was good, I hit it hard off the line, and led into the first set of corners, group of 4 ish of us had a gap. Mitch and I then ended up with our own gap after a lap or two. On the third or 4th lap I started to crack a bit and Mitch went by, and I though eh whatever NBD hes a U-23 im not even racing him really. Managed to keep him in sight and with a few laps to go, we came back together, a bit of Mitch slowing up I think and the carrot effect. With 2.5 ish to go I put down an effort and ecked out a small gap, which I was gradually able extend a bit more in the final laps. At which point I was like Senior/U-23 totally a combined race. At the end of the day nabbed another Elite title.

awesome job Barrie Cycling Club, 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember 1st

Yes, I love this month, get to not shave my mustache and people cant say anything about it. #winning.


Real Deal CX at Horseshoe, awesome race by the real deal crew, I was lucky enough to do the Hell of the North in April, the Georgian 200 in August, and capped it off with their iteration of a cx race. Did not disappoint, course was challenging, but had some really fun unique features you dont get to see everyday in a cx race.

Albion CX race-Angry Johnny and Superfly put on a great event nothing short of what you would expect from them.

Hardwood CX- Im sure it was good but I finally played hooky and went for a ride.

Been ultra low energy the past couple weeks, need fuel, heard on the news tonight it rained 27 days this month, that i can handle but no sun makes Drew go something something. 

Luckily I have some wicked friends who allow me to crush them when we play board games, was introduced to Settlers of Catan, Jacob crushed that one but

Up next: CX provincial championships of the world, down the road in Midhurst, Shaner built some wicked looking stairs, I haven't seen the course yet but im sure its a good one. 

New wheels are built up, Reflex to Dura Ace hubs, no more Ultegra for this guy.

Speaking of hubs, so I was riding/hiding in the copeland today, riding up the beer climb and the horrible noise that was coming from my wheel on my winter bike finally stopped at the same time my freehub let go. Had to hike her out, but I was on high ground so it was mostly downhill. #xtraining