Saturday, October 6, 2012

had to reset my password,

Guess after crank the shield its just been "just livin" actually thats not true at all, been getting into this cross thing the past couple weeks. 6 races so far, 3 midweeks, and 3 weekend races.

Cowbell AKA "Nathans race" was my first race of year, fast flatish course, first time out to this one, it was nice to see everyone again.

Last weekend was the Speedriver Guelph "wellington classic" as always nothing but the best from these guys, fun, hilly course,( its not a speedriver course without at least one wall) Family came out to watch being Guelphites/former guelphites. also marked my first race on the new Di2 Threshold we got built up. Huge thanks to Norco Bicycles and Shimano for easily the nicest CX bike Ive ever ridden or touched or just looked at really.

Today I ventured down to Ancaster AKA windiest place on earth apparently, it was still 10 degrees but the windchill was probably -5? Nice venue indoor heated washrooms, lots of parking, lots of grass, I could see this being a staple on the circuit for sure. Just need to lengthen it a bit, race was good, tons of MTB'ers appeared, all the Waglers, 3 rox brought the A team with C jette and K D, and Emily Batty and Adam Morka, (emily didnt race but i figured it would give this blog street cred to say she was there)

Got the hole shot, made my boy Zach proud he loves that Moto stuff, and continued on with a gap until C Jette rolled up to me. We rode together for a bit, then i rode by myself till the end.   

Thanks Zach for the bike holding and clothes taking today, and thanks to all the organizers so far this season, races have been steller.

Up next Real Deal CX classic at Horseshoe resort Saturday, 

Good line from today

"Way bigger than expected turnout today so were upping everyones prize money by 50%"
                                                                                                                     Kevin Tearle Organizer