Sunday, July 29, 2012

"all ready for the quall Hunt"

is that how you spell Quall? anyways, after kicking back thursday I was set to go friday for my first Strava hunt.

I used to plan routes by difficulty, wind, time, you know general training stuff for Friday it was how many segments can I hit. Ended up picking off 8, and getting the KOM's for 5. NBD.

Saturday I left the chasing to others and just rolled out a nice 3 hour endurance ride by the numbers. Headed down to Carthew Bay, havent ridden south of HWY 11 in a while.

oh Before I forget Huge props to Teammate Haley Hunter Smith for her selection to MTB worlds in Austria (or as Leslie Tomlinson would call it Australia) good work Hale`s.

back to GBA cycling, Got in a great ride out in Vasey taking in the Mountainview CC`s interclub up there. Beautiful day so I rode up to save some Dino juice and get some more miles in.

Race was great, put in some solid efforts before getting a nice junior style leg cramp, serious last time I had one like that was 1998. Anyways spun her in grabbed a coke and rode home with Mark H(2011 RAAM 2 man champ, NBD) he decided we should ride the hilly route home, arrggghhhhh.

Good weekend, Good week, id need to do some math but probably my biggest since South Carolina.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rule #17......again

I cant really remember what happened up until Saturday at the GBO (georgian bay open) day got off to a good start when I got a free entry as Last years winner.

Got the low down on the course from some of the people who pre-rode, it sounded like they got rid of the two way singletrack of death(maybe they read my blog from last year......)

Not much to really think about at this race with a 750 foot climb off the start there isnt much strategy just giver. DZ rode away on the first climb, Peter "NP" Glassford was on my wheel(i dont think he wants me to say what NP means)  but in the rolling stuff at the top I found myself on my own. Then just kept trucking, took it easy on the decent so I wouldnt blow off the sketchy slick embryo trail like last year. DZ took a wrong turn and lost all his lead, reentered the course nowhere near where he left but with the rule now you could get off course go to starbucks grab a latte re enter on the other side and as long as its not an andvantage its all good.

DZ put down another good grind climb to gain back some lead time and that was about that rode in for 2nd.

It was great to see the event go from the absolute worst cycling event I had ever been too last year, to an awesome event this year kudos to Blue mountain for the turnaround.

Saturday nights entertainment was provided by another late night 911 call for someone swimming in the pool at 1 in the morning. Cops came just in time to meet my neighbour getting out of the pool. Of course I envoked zombieland rules and opted to not be a hero. I had a hunch it was my neighbor but still didnt want to get shot or something by some whacko. OPP response time is a little better than Barrie police I will say that.

Post weekend Ive got some good road rides in, 2 a days even, yeah not the 3 a days that Nino apparently does but I guess thats why i'm spending august 12 at Buckwallow and not in Hadleigh.

Headed out for a long MTB ride today turned into a road ride as my arms and legs got thrashed by the raspberry bushes, Copeland and wilderness was good but 8th and sugarbush was overgrown.

also my review of the Dark Knight rises, not sure yet, I think it was good? parts of it were awesome, the first and last 15 minutes rocked but there were some really tacky scenes in the middle that I think Chris Nolan went on vacation for.

The twist at the end was something only Nolan could pull off with total surprise. Very Prestige like.

The end was good so I guess thats all that matters. (just like this blog)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthy Weekend off, but not away

Sometimes I always think im taking a lot of time off cause im sick, but then think about how rarely I take healthy time off. Vicious circle?

After the Souter beatdown Wednesday around Big Chute and the CDC team crushed me on our c-100 course preview ride. I crawled into bed and called it a week.

Hell in the Horseshoe was definitely out had a 60th surprise B-day lunch for my Mom at Blue Mountain that afternoon, she was a little grumpy that I was skipping what could have been a payday, but when she realized the surprise aspect of it with the whole family awaiting her arrival at the restaurant she understood. Wouldnt have missed it for a chance at $2400.00.......$2500? maybe(just kidding mom your the best). CDC's five riders rode really well with 4 in the top 10. Some guy named Ryan Roth won it?? guess he works out.

Up early Sunday morning, on my bike(baggies t-shirt, not training) rode over to Horseshoe at 6:30 am, to jump into "Tech 1" Velocity ski and bikes Neutral support vehicle with Tristan Spurr driving. I was really looking forward to a new experience. "Tech 1" quickly became the go to tech support vehicle, we started out in the 50km event at 7:30. First issue was on Horseshoe valley road, chain derailed I was out of that car and had it fixed before Tristan had stopped the car. NBD.

We continued on through the C50 fixing flats, swapping wheels, Tristan fixed two broken chains faster than Ive ever seen.

Once we finished a lap of the C50, we blasted up to Moonstone to catch up to the C100, not quite as many issues, but we were still busy till the end.  Did another half lap of the C100 before pulling back into Horseshoe resort.

Loads of fun, a new experience, Tristan giggled like a school girl every time we got to blow through a stop sign with cops waving us through.

Post race, I met back up with the Norco Crew to tear down the expo and we headed into the Copeland for a ride, it was hot, so much so that the water in the swamps were evaporating before our eyes.

 Home for a quick shower and then in the car to head up north to celebrate Jer's B-day, fixie pub ride style. Solid ending to a great weekend off the bike...but still rode for some reason.

quote of the day "Tech 1 here.....yeah we got that....Over"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Naughton O-cup weekend

Great weekend up north in the small town of Naughton for an o-cup. Headed up Saturday morning with teammates Bretton and Haley. Short and easy drive up compared to the rest of our road trips this year. Beautiful country up there.

Pre-rode the course a few times, did a lap with some of the athletes I'm coaching. Loved the course, 3rd favorite o-cup course of all time, next to Elliot lake and Calabogie(year one).

Dinner we drove into Sudbury, for some Kelseys action, followed up by desert at Starbucks and a serious book discussion in chapters, re:50 shades of grey, Bretton is loving that book right now.

Hit the course mid morning, kind of invaded/self adopted ourselves into the two wheel racing pit. Sat down and had a little chat with Marc-Antoine about start etiquette in the senior race. He didnt seem to be listening. 

Lined up second row, since I missed all the previous o-cups this year with my "mysterious Illness" which is only a secret to people who don't read this/dont have internet.

About 10 feet into the race all I feel is guys falling over on-top of me, choose the "run away" tactic dropped my bike and hoofed it into the woods. Looked back to see the bike i was racing, under two guys and their bikes, luckily the only thing wrong was a twisted stem and derailed chain. With the stop to fix the stem, I was again well off he back in last. (never lining up on the left hand side ever again) (also later learned it was Marc Antoine missing his pedal/junior starting that started the pile up........) (Swatty was probably saying "I told you soo" but whatever it was cool to see marc in there with us) (k last bracket i swear)

Took a while to catch anyone, didn't see anyone till the first time through the feedzone. Then started to roll past some guys on the climb. Managed to catch and pass Davis Ross(AWI racing) on his singlespeed just as I was starting to run out of steam. Held him off for a bit, but he just kept chasing me down. Turned into the most intense battle ive had this year. In the end he crushed the final climb and decent, and we rolled through in 4th and 5th. Behind winner Mitch B, Steve N in 2nd, Jacob M(AWI racing) in 3rd.

Tyson flatted out of contention in the final lap and ended up in 6th. If he was an American im sure the 5 of us would all be called out as cheap racers, and that we should feel bad and hang our heads in shame for not giving him the win........ oh wait we're bike racers and flats happen, (sorry just hate the American cycling medias uber biased unreasonable commentary on windham)

Big giant thanks to Robin Waller, Spoke o motion, Gershom Morris, and Mike G, for getting me in the race.

The chico crew and the walden cycling club for a great race, it will be interesting as a Canada cup,

Great trip with Haley and Bretton as well with some good #teambonding as usual.

Unsure about this weekend, ribs still feel like crap, except when riding, its sleeping and odd movements that seem to still cause pain. Racing doesnt hurt but maybe its not allowing them to heal up?

But Road Provincials in my hometown is tempting.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer livin

Not sure I have ever mentioned I love hot summer weather, and this week I have been in Heaven. Tuesday just got settled and unpacked and got caught up with some CDC team stuff. With a short ride thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday after not having done a 3hour+ ride in a couple months I decided a 4.5 hour ride would be no problem. Just had to keep an eye on the powermeter but I finished it off strongly. Rode up to Awenda, jersey fully unzipped start to finish. Actually I'm lying I zipped up when I went into the park store to refuel. Didnt want to creep out the cute girl working there. 6 big bottles of fluid in 4 hours and I was dry for the last 30 minutes. #goodlivin.

Hit Copeland today for a short easy ride on the phaser, trying a new suspension setup before the weekend. Wanted to have a base comparison before hitting Sudbury. Ill spare you the naked guy story. It was disturbing, thats all I will say.

Tonight I headed out to the bi-weekly club TT, duel purpose was to see where I was at cp20 wise. As expected it was lower than pre-season, but not as bad as it could have been. I think I still did my best Ingram road TT time at least. Gave up on aerodynamics halfway through and opened the jersey right up. again #goodlivin

Packing tomorrow, Lively Saturday with Bretton and Haley for the Lively O-cup. Should be a good weekend, my main concern is finding a good swimming hole after the race, or on the way home.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

There’s a town called Windham and a river runs through it & Happy Canada Day

Have I used that one before? Lespy loves to call me out for all my film references, but he sleepwalks and stuff so Ill let it go.

Good week leading into the race, hung out in Burke Vermont for a couple days and rode Kingdom trails, weather wasn’t awesome, started raining as we left st anne and never really stopped until we left Burke. Luckily the trails are super sandy like back home in Oro so the riding was actually pretty good.

But as soon as we arrived in Windham it was hot and beautiful all week. Course was the standard course with one new piece of singletrack and some “fluff” knocked off the end of the lap. But dry, like riding Sunpeaks in August big dust holes everywhere.

Decided on the Phaser this course was made for the ART suspension with all the square edge rocks everywhere  and open climbs to just lock her out, the bike was a rocket on this course. 

One really big change from last year was that we started in the town of Windham itself and then rode up to the course. A little Hoffalize’esque. Start was hard and I really didn’t have much speed in the legs, just held onto my position, first lap was tough, basically climbed for 10-12 minutes from town to the top of the course.

Started to roll up a bit into the riders ahead on the 2nd and 3rd laps, had Pete G in my sights looks like we were both have solid(above tempo) races,  sure enough a random boulder sized rock appeared on course,  bam front wheel hit hard figured I was on a Small Block NBD….but yeah it starting spraying stans. Stopped lined it up on the bottom to try and get it to seal which it eventually did but I was down to 10-15 PSI, so the descent was interesting. But I survived, and Havy did a quick change in the pit and got me going again. Lost a good amount of time and a few places, with medium legs I wasn’t able to make up much of that time. Heading onto my 5th lap I had a good idea that it was going to be my last judging by where the leaders were.

Pushed hard on the climb one last time and tried to enjoy the last descent. But sure enough bang, rear tire goes down. I was lower on the descent this time and only had a few fast open sections and Kabush falls to negotiate. Rolled/ran it off into the 80% cutoff.

Not even sure exactly where I finished off, seemed like a standard Windham for me, 3 for 3 with Mechanicals/Flats here. Still love it though, the town is awesome for what they can pull off here, the course is great.

Haley crushed her race, 9th place beating her result at st anne. And Lespy was 40something not the result he was looking for but I’m proud of him for sticking it out. 

oh also, if you have two pairs of shoes, its a good idea to bring them both,

Downhill today and heading home tomorrow.(monday)