Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mt St Anne

I don't usually have a good race at St Anne, its either great and it feels that way or I'm struggling to finish off however many laps I can do. Maybe thats just the nature of the course, its hard anyway you shake it, hard steep climbing, techy singletrack, not much faking it out there. There's quicksand all over that course, and once your in it, its tough to get out.

With tons of support from Norco Bicycles, I was ready and set for my first of two world cups this season, chose to ride the Team 9 Hardtail, due to the amount of steep climbing and slow speed technical riding. And left the double crankset on,

With the olympic year the field was downsized with some of the euros opting to stay home, cause 1 trip over the Atlantic is way too much travel.  So I lined up in the last row of 71 starters, with 6 laps on the course and threatening weather I knew it would be a solid 1:50-2:00 effort. So I was patient through the start loop and first lap.

I felt good on the course, the hardtail 9er was great out there, didnt really try to crush any one section, just focused on my lines and counted the laps down. Ended up 35th, about 11:30 ish back, which I think is one of my better world cups in the past couple years....Offenburg may have been about the same % wise.

I was happy to feel good on the bike out there, sea otter was good but since then I really haven't felt like myself so it was nice to know I still have some juice in the tank.

pic from CC/Rob Jones

The team all had great races as well, Haley Hunter Smith came in 10th in her first u-23 world cup and Lespy was 26th in U-23. 

Huge thanks to Norco Bicycles and all the factory team sponsors for their support all year,

Off to Vermont for a couple days of riding, then Windham New York,

Friday, June 22, 2012


St Anne so far has been great, we had a guest rider for a few days, Mandy Dreyer. Within 72 hours we were Facebook friends had cooked some meals together, she fixed my ribs that felt broken, by the end it was decided she was always welcome to hang out with the team. Thanks for the great week Mandy.

Ive got the course down, a few changes over previous years to spice things up again. Watched the course video with the kids(Lespy & Haley Hunter Smith) last night and tried to share some lines.

Also did some video shooting yesterday which is always fun, no pressure coming down Beatrice with a video camera rolling.

all right, cant think of anything else, 

Monday, June 18, 2012


So we started the trip with 5 people in a 300sq foot trailer, 3 guys in a room the size of a bathroom basically( and had a great time) now we are in basically a palace of gigantic proportions in St Anne. Being a cyclist on the road i guess you just need to roll with it.

Had a great time in St Felicien, probably the best yet out of the three years. Usually I cant wait to make like a tree and leave. 

Race was an uphill battle from the start. Guess I was due to go down in a start crash, hasn't happened since eerrrrr ever.. Short story shorter, lined up on the left hand side to get onto the harder soil instead of loose gravel on the start climb. Started and quickly got squeezed over into the feedzone tents, heading for a tent pole option A: be a nice guy and scrifice myself and hit the pole/spectators B: Avoid pole but risk crashing myself and others out. Went for B, didnt work out and myself and a few others went down. Got up grabbed my bike...which turned out to be a garbage can, threw garbage can away(sorry for the spillage that the volunteers had to clean up:)  Picked up my Phaser, had to do some adjustments. But didnt quite get my bars straight after the start loop with my bars sideways, I opted to not race the entire race like that and stopped with the allen key twice to get it right. k that was long.

As you would guess I was in last out of the smallish field of 24, NBD, just put the head down and kept the power cranked to 11, Passing wasn't an issue, everyone was super cool, with please's and thanks, Lambo even dived off the course to let me by.

So when the lead trio of U-23 rode up to me, I payed it forward and almost got ridden into the bush by Dre Dre. Jumped onto the back of their train, which was insane, basically a road race on dirt, attacking sitting up, I had another lap to do so I just kind sat on the back #goodlivin

Finished up 9th, a little blood on my elbow and knee(Karma for making fun of Pete all those times)(Pete BTW had a sick race)

Team relay Sunday was like last year, AWESOME, we were able to field a nice team, Didnt have to bribe any juniors with skinsuits this year.

stoked so sitting down to a feast prepared by @halesmith and @a_leperance (yup lots of twitter talk on here)

Post race interview here, some KHS cross-promotion going on, thanks to Colt for coming up to St felicien again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Going on 9 weeks battling this illness of unknown origin.(alien virus?) Hit up the doc yesterday, who wasn`t as busy as usual and actually took the time to try and figure out what the frack is going on.

Thinks it could be an immune response to environmental conditions or contaminants...or something like that. So kinda like an allergy but its actually making me sick. Pretty broad though could be  Mold, Pollen, chemicals, pets...Un-hygenic teammates....29ers.Who knows.

So got some new pills and a few other things to try. So off to Nationals and two world cups I go, Not much else to do other than put my head down and lay it all out there. Bummer though had an awesome winter of training, felt strong yet rested and ready for the condensed 2012 season.

But at least I still love riding my bike, had a great ride last night in Midhurst, took the guys on a new trail I found which Jacob described as `totally unsustainable` as we were sliding down with rear wheels locked up with our asses buzzing the tire. Well its there now so we might as well enjoy it.

Looking forward to three weeks with my Norco Teammates, hashtag positive

Monday, June 4, 2012

and this concludes the broadcast day

What is traditionally one of the busiest weeks of the year has now ended, I curled up into bed last night, drew the curtains so the hot sun wouldn't wake me up. Only thing I forgot was to turn off the old phone.

6:30am, "hey wanna got to France for a world Cup"? bahhh. Newfies have cell service?? Ill try tomorrow for a sleep in. But it has been a productive morning so far. Though my Team 9.1 is still in need of a nice overhaul.

Yesterday was a solid day on the bike, felt like I'm clawing back a little fitness, not enough to close a 10 second gap to Kris Sneddon over 90minutes. The rain made for some interesting conditions, at least it wasn't dusty.

Off to the garage for some bike lovin,

stay excellent