Thursday, May 31, 2012

my bad

Been a busy week, post eastern canada spring series race #2 usually is pretty busy. Right after BSP we jetted towards Petawawa. Stopping in Berthierville for the night.

The race itself left a little to be desired, similar to Tremblant some good steady power but not setting off any fireworks. But I've only been back to a structured plan for 10 days now so can't expect to be Ryder Hesjedal overnight. Another short race, could have been another lap. Actually I really think the UCI should go to the CX model for timing races as they can never get it right with a calculation.

 Just have the race go for 1:20 plus a lap or something.  With the sub 20minute laps nowadays it could easily work and pretty much guarantee the race winner would be between 1:30-1:45.

So off to Petawawa for a nother great Norco Bicycles Demo with Gearheads, awesome shop, people, trails, its always a highlight of this trip. Demo Monday, did a group ride on the sick trails tuesday morning, took out a Norco Sight didn't know a XC bike ride could be so fun on a "bigger" trail bike.

Shot back to C-hurst said our team goodbyes. Shed some tears and hit the sack tuesday evening at home.

B-day yesterday but I did manage to get out for a road ride, beautiful day for it, followed by dinner and drinks with family and KBolts.

 my interview with trailburn ran you can find it here

... pre-ride with Hale and Lespy today at Hardwood, CDC training tonight,

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This basically how we roll here on the team, last night it was my turn to create an athlete sized feast. Went with the old pork tenderloin, with a nice paprika dry up, seared on the stovetop(best way to do it IMHO) then onto the grill to finish. Also found some fiddleheads so crushed those with asparagus and corn on the cob mini's and some roasted veggies of course. Haley made up a nice quinoa lemon salad which was unreal.

Solid mid week meal after a little travel day Tuesday from Tremblant. Sunday and Monday were very relaxed, actually found time to just relax and go for rides.

I did my usual road loop, which is apparently also a big chunk of the Ironman Tremblant route.

Yesterday we headed out for some laps of the course here in BSP, basically everything I remember going down know we are going up. Lespy and Bretton crushed the course taking a bunch of tubes and my beloved mini pump with them.

The weather on this trip has been nothing short of fantastic, knock wood. 

In case you didnt see it CDC is rockin it 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Quick recap, trip down was great, stopped for a demo in Riguad, gathered Lespy up and headed to Tremblant for some good times.

I was stoked to be back on a start line of a race, the race itself went by in a blur, 4 laps on a short course, with not a whole lotta get up and go. Rode the Phaser, it was awesome out there.

Team did great, Lespy was 8th, and Haley was 7th in her first elite Womens Canada cup.

Nick Geddes is rocking the DH today,

Also wishing the Centurion Development Team luck today in Niagara 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Not much to tell lately, saddened by the loss of Cross racer and super nice guy Kevin Watson, I'll miss the parking lot chats with him especially. Found this pic I took of him racing in 2009.

Also one of my amazing neighbors in Craighurst passed away, towns a little smaller today. Dave was one of the first people to welcome me here.

But I have been keeping things in perspective and having a great time coaching, and trying to impart some wisdom on the younger riders i'm working with.

The big bike was a success big thanks to all who donated, took a day or two afterwards but I did reach my last minute goal of $100.00. THANK YOU. We ended up losing the race to the tri club but together raised more than $3000.00

Finally after my cold flared up again I headed to see a doc and got the standard try these antibiotics, we'll see if they work.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little help

Hello folks, I'm putting my hat in my hand and asking for my loyal followers to kick in a buck or two to help me reach my goal of $100.00. Money going to the heart and stroke foundation,

Tomorrow night(thursday) ill be jumping on board the Big Bike, holds 30 people and racing head to head against the Barrie tri club on the georgian downs racetrack. (could be some side betting going on too)

I do feel this is a bit of a personal cause as my father passed away at 57  from heart disease in 2008.

A couple bucks from each of my 150+ daily readers could easily surpass my goal of $100.00

Please follow the link above to my page to donate. Its quick and easy and you get a tax receipt.

thanks for reading and if you choose to toss a couple bucks in Thank you again.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunny Days

hows that for a #positive title.

Pete and I are apparently feuding again? not sure exactly why this time. Maybe its some pre-woodnewton intimidation?

Had a good weekend of imparting wisdom and learning. Saturday was the Cadet Camp...which was opened up to Juniors and u-15s as well. Hardwood played host and we had a great day, riding, honing some skills, eating, riding some more, Amanda Sin, Mitch Bailey and myself gave some talks about "life on the road" and how to balance school(Mitch) and racing.  What to pack, where to pack it, what to do in case a volcano erupts in Iceland. Then we ate some more, almost like Mike G wanted to keep our energy up or something. Then we rode some more on the Canada Cup course. Then we ate some more.

Great day I think the athletes learned a lot.

Sunday a Beautiful day for the first interclub race of the world of 2012. Great turnout, lots of eager people. Group 5 was gigantic, when I was a kid it was 5 guys. Now its 15. Had some Norco team stuff going with Bretton Matthews rolling down from the the M-dot. Had some AWI representation with Tristan, Spak was there but I guess he quit the team cause he wasn't reppin the kit.

And also 8 of 9 of the Centurion Development Canada athletes were there. They rode like champs a little too much work maybe but really they were still right there at the finish.

There was no doubt that group5 would catch the other groups, but that didnt stop the first lap from being a hammer fest. Thats with Tristan never going to the front, of course we shed some riders which is a shame as the pace slowed considerably after the first lap.

rest of the race is a haze, Tried to get away a couple times once we caught group 3, that wasn't happening, turned into a cat 3 race, chase anything that moved and then soft pedal.
Caught up with Rob Mann who reminded me after the group caught me that I once asked him to sign my helmet as a kid, good to see him again after 6 years.

In the end Elliot and Martin were in good position to take the W, but tactics and smarts out did youth and Rob Mann took it.

All the CDC athletes rode well, I was glad to see them being assertive in the race, and learning some valuable lessons.

 link of the day 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Morning post

Forgot to give a shout out to our friends from the Sault for coming out Monday night for a ride and some ice cream after. #GL.

Tuesday I headed out on the road bike up to the rail trail through Victoria Harbour then back south. Even managing to end up on a gravel road feeling lost and pulling out the iphone to see where I was. The weather man promised 16 and sun, never got above 10 and cloudy the entire time, which was still way better than snow, but still I was grumpy or according to some normal. Not as grumpy as the equestrian lady who almost got launched the second her horse saw me. As a cyclist it was my fault for riding my bicycle on a public road, over a blind hill and not considering the 1 in 10000 chance there would be a horse on the other side.... and to further the story the lady admitted her horse was very uncontrollable and unpredictable....but it was still my fault for not vanishing into thin air or stopping on a dime on rough pavement down a steep hill at 50kpk.

Yesterday in the AM, I jumped on the 9er and rode Copeland, found even more new singletrack, mixed feelings about that, not sure nows the right time to be building illegal trail when MTBers are in danger of being ousted from there. But it is fun new stuff to ride.

Last night I headed down to the promise land, Bradford. Forget Edmonton its the new Champion city, actually Bradford will probably win the Stanley cup before Toronto does. I gush a lot about Coulson hill, and really theres nothing special about the place, but the people and atmosphere of that race cant be beat(King city comes close) Catching up with people who were racing there 15 years ago was great. Myles does a great job with the series and everyone who took out a Norco loved it, the Revolvers went like hot cakes.

Also picked up the new Phaser, similar to last years, but with a thru axle front fork, and trail crankset(yup you know what that means)(well maybe you do) and came quipped with the new Kenda 24seven tires

 stay excellent

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

gettin real

Sent out my first training plans on Sunday evening to some athletes. Its really not that hard to make a training plan. I just gave them 6 hour rides everyday, and if they survive they will be a world champ. But still its interesting to feel a responsibility for another athletes training and performance.

Saturday I had the opportunity to help out with the learn to race clinic at Mansfield on the O-cup course. Highlights were hearing Pete say "sweet potato" 18 times in 4 minutes and helping people out in their quest into MTB racing.

Sunday morning had me spinning down to the big city for a ride with Chris, Jamie and Orrin. Just what the doctor ordered a few hours saddle time on some smooth roads in a group atmosphere. Time just flew by.

On the calender for this week, Wednesday night Norco Demo at Coulson Hill, looking forward to riding there. Running alongside Spokeomotions wednesday night series

Thursday evening if there aren't tornado's I get to take the Centurion Development team out for our first road ride(on the road)

Saturday Cadet camp at Hardwood ski and bike with the OCA,

Sunday Interclub and another Norco demo at Hardwood ski and Bike.

 Countdown is on till the Canada Cup trip to Tremblant and Baie St Paul. Its going to be awesome.