Saturday, March 31, 2012

good leadville training

This bicycle ride was way to enjoyable to be considered training, but I do know why it is recommended to take three days to actually do this "circuit". Shes a toughy, but the scenic views, and encounters with friendly folks made it well worth the tired legs.

Started out towards Anten Mills, where I jumped on the first rail trail section which I followed to the historic Fort Willow. Hike a bike up some stairs and I was in the middle of the fort with a british flag flying overhead and lots of plaques and monuments about stuff. I just kept trucking though, followed the nine mile portage trail from the fort to Sunnidale road, which is a really nice trail that I have never seen another soul on before. Not sure if anyone knows it exists.

Followed Sunnidale right downtown where I jumped into sport swap to place an order and to make sure someone could confirm my whereabouts at that time before I headed to Orillia.

This was the least enjoyable leg of the journey, slighly uphill, soft limestone, very reminiscent of the rail trail of doom at Crank the shield. 90 minutes later I was in the heart of Orillia, picked my way through, thought about making another check in at the bike stop but figured Tristan would forget when I was there anyway.

The Uhltoff trail(or whatever its called) was really nice, about 18k long to coldwater but always changing, the surface was a mixture of grass, soil, limestone, rock and the trees varied from Pines and other softwoods to hardwoods. Even got to see some Canadian Shield.

Came upon three young people with a bow and arrow I assumed there was 4 at one point and they were playing "hunger games" or something so I got out of there pronto.

Coldwater to the waub the trail was sketch, ended up hiking through some bogs and across a ditch to get back onto hwy 12. Came into the waub and noticed they have a traffic light now, moving up in the world. Got a hello from a Spak who of course just happened to be driving by.

Waubishene to Midland is a hidden gem of a multi use trail, paved for 20 ish km right to downtown midland. Passing St Marie among the hurons, again lots of plaques and stuff to look at. I just kept trucking, to be honest I was a little worried about daylight.

Got to Penetangue at about the 5 hour mark, and found the 13 bridges trail which was a blast to ride, another hidden secret gem of a multi use trail, probably going to be shot for talking about it here.

From there it was a straightish shot south to wyevale, elmvale, phelpston and then home on Rainbow valley road.

180km, 7:40 ish ride time, probably use a 29er mtb next time the cx bike was a little harsh for that long. and bring a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers for the half way point.

On every trail I came upon folks bundled up in their winter dh ski gear riding beat to hell department store bikes with the biggest smiles on their faces. Stark contrast to the roadies you see on $10,000 bikes in full Assos clothing, looking pissed off at the entire world.

If you have a full day to kill on a bike, or a few days to meander while staying in B and B's this route is pretty awesome.

more food,

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bought some strawberries today, grown in Oxnard CA....surprised they grow in such a cold wet place

And it appears Pete g and I are feuding again. Be sure to check his blog for the latest.

Just crushed a massive feast, curry chicken, rice, naan bread with oven roasted garlic butter spread and a butternut sqaush lentil soup.mmmmm

My epic got pushed back another day as the puppy couldnt be left alone for that long, but tommorrow come hell or high water, flood, nuclear war, chemical war, germ war.....tornado, typhoon, second coming of baby jesus..rapture I dont care Im doing the simcoe circuit as Ive found out its called.

Craighurst-anten mills-fort willow- barrie-orillia- coldwater-the waub-midland-elmvale-phelston-craighurst mostly rail trail a bit of road and "other" Surface.

Made due with a copeland mtb ride today with a little exploring which may have found me in trespassing in a Kj Beamish gravel pit, its cool hes an old neighbour of mine Im sure he wont care.

Also looking forward to helping out at the 3rd annual learn to race clinic at mainsfield the day before the o-cup, come on out and ride with myself and some other greater instructors/racers.

Also got word my bike is coming closer to being in existence, cant wait to get on the new team 9.

Stay excellent,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Full chill day yesterday, still feeling the camps hours in the ol legs. Got the CCX SL ready for the hell of the north, Planning a 165-180km ride on it thursday, pavement, railtrail, gravel, hiking trail.....lake crossing, moon landing. A bit of everything, could be considered a Rapha ride if I was into that kinda thing, but im not one for cults.

KBolts and I went to see the Hunger Games, solid film but I think reading the book will make it much better, Woody Harrelsons performance is worth the price of admission on its own. Is it worthy of the hype? I dont think so but hey there hasnt been a big hollywood film for a while so expectations are pretty low at the moment I think.

Back on the 9 er today after getting a replacement front wheel, came complete with a sick reflector. Only downside is it rattles a bit going over rock piles, but hey safety first. Did the magic loop in the copeland,

CP20 tomorrow if my power meter is working, if not some intervals then an epic pre hotn ride thursday.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"yeah I know exatcly where that is"

Well if they get it right today may have been the last day of summer(in spring) for a while. Dropping back down to below zero tonight. But T-dog and I got out to enjoy the nice weather today.

Of course our rendezvous was slightly modified after he missed a right hander. But we met up and crushed big chute, his (Jacobs) cx bike with cx tires was a good call. White falls road was a little sandy and by a little, it was a beach....I felt like i was in Baywatch...... nothing yeah Tristan didnt laugh either when I said it.

Once the sun broke out it was a beautiful day and a great way to finish up the ride. Still feel like I'm cheating by starting out here, not the same as the 180km ride from Barrie......and the subsequent pillaging of the trek store for food on the way home.

Hope we get some rain soon, to keep the dust down the trails and to wash the roads off a bit.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Self motivation

Got really used to knowing that I had a place and a time to be at for a group ride. Slept in till 9 this morning then jetted out of bed thinking I was missing the pre-ride meeting with Mal and Mike G.

But no just me, back to reality logging miles solo. Today and yesterday I got in some off road stuff, some specific hill repeats today and a cruise through Midhurst yesterday. Trails are so mint, like July after a day of rain.

Managed to rope in one ride partner(if hes not too hungover) for tomorrows ride to big chute, been itching to do it all "winter" but not brave enough to venture that far on my winter bike.

stay excellent

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Settled back in here in the GBA, yesterday was spent shuttling Starbuck to the Vet and back, Vet wanted to keep her for a few hours to remove a lump on her neck, figured it was just a big chunk of fat.

Still when they called and left a message and said it was "Lipoma" sounded a hell of a lot like Lymphoma. Thankfully it was the former and just a fatty deposit, not uncommon in labs but uncommon where she had it.

Shes back home now with a giant incision down her throat. When I was picking up some meds today for her I noticed there was another dogs meds, with the name Boomer on them. Another awesome dog name.

After all that, I got on the 9er to see for myself the rumours of some dry trails in the copeland. Dry? try dusty and sandy, went in thinking it would be ok, came out covered in dust and hacking up a lung. Considering I was skiing on the trails less than 14 days ago, Id say somethings going on, call it global warming, climate change whatever, thats just odd. Nice for riding, but doesn't bode well for agriculture or wild fires.

Got some race stuff done, registered and booked some flights to Sea Otter, and signed up for the 125km Hell of the North on April 8th, I've always missed this one so I'm looking forward to it. Just need to get a bike together for it.

Found a pic or two from the camp.

stolen from the facebooks,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That awkward moment when you try to log onto the Internet...but you don’t have internet

After crushing some miles to get down here, well actually I was lucky enough to ride shotgun for a change, we got settled into Rocky Bottom. Right now we have gentlemen fixing the fridge, where’s a Spak when you need one?
Great Camp so far we have finished up day 3, a grinding climb day, longest 112km ride I have ever done, we averaged an astonishing 23.8 kph. And we were not dogging it. First two days we rode some rolling loops, second day I was called into action to do a roadside repair, which involved a Shimano crank removal without the end cap tool. Pretty much just asked myself what Scott Kelly would do? Got it fixed up and had a great ride.

Then ended up riding up to Bretton whose rear derailleur exploded taking everything with it. Think it must have had some C4 imbedded in the pulley wheels or something.
All the athletes are great, don’t ask me all of their names, and I’m learning a ton by being on the coaches side of the equation.
......(Spak), we need Freon (sp?) is that bad?

Sounds like Ceasers head tomorrow; it will be my first time up,


Ceasers head was great, had a rest day/Olympics/recovery spin on Tuesday and crushed the climb Wednesday, the athletes just destroyed it, I headed up on a half tempo, half sprinting, half drafting, repeat doing some camera bike work. Then for the race run I went mid pack and just watched the athletes bringing out their “inner bastard” as I filtered back.

Today (Thursday) was the epic day with the majority of riders doing minimum 125km and some into the 190’s. Awesome day today. Rode some of my old stomping grounds the 130 up to whitewater.

Friday.....ummm, sprint day/+ride for those who missed out on some of the epic miles the previous day. Knowing I could destroy everyone in the sprints I sat it out and helped hold the athletes as they did their 15 ish second timed runs. Riders were throwing down some watts, and even got to see some wheelies of the start line. Then I took a few riders out on a loop on the rolling stuff south of Rocky Bottom.

Note: by Friday Afternoon I knew all 37 athletes names.

Saturday was the short hard hilly ride day, up “sassy” which has some nice steep kickers to it, then Becky mountain which also has some nice kickers, and best described by Mal to be like rattlesnake but longer. Then back, 3 hrs but with a lot of climbing. Did two 8 ish minutes efforts, felt good to do some race paceish stuff.

Sunday was Blue Ridge day, which I equate to attempting a mt everest climb, with some rain in the am, which meant it could be snowing at the top Head coach pushed the ride back a notch. I got my group of riders together and Mike gave me a deadline of when I needed to get to the top before turning around.
Ride up went well and most of the athletes managed to get to the top and were able to ride the absolutely stunning, beautiful, epic, ride along the parkway. And back down to Brevard.

This is when things got awesome, a few wrong turns and we found ourselves doing another long climb attempting to get back to the camp. When the rain started to come down and knowing the climbing and descending we still needed to do I called for a rescue, the athletes were fine but I was about to have a breakdown and hide in a ditch.

So I’m hitting two for two at getting rescued off a rainy road on the last day of a training camp, at least it wasn’t as cold as California last year.
Drive home was solid, I got behind the wheel of the creepiest van in Cross for a few hours while Mike G cracked.

Border crossing was assisted by the fact I raced the Border Agent when we were 14 years old, and he knew the jist of what a training camp was and why we had 47 bikes and people.

Awesome camp, cant say enough about the eagerness and ability of the young athletes, and the amazing coaches and staff I had the pleasure to work with.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your not a hockey player your a Goon

Great flick last night with k bolts, after a 4.5 hour jaunt through Oro in the 13 degree sunny weather, and a mad Sushi feast to fuel up for the training camp next week.

Whats with that anyway? A 23 degree temperature change in 36 hours, hey as long as its up ill call that good livin.

As the title suggests we took in the contoversial new hockey film Goon. The graphic violence didnt offend or bother me but I do think it overshadowed the actually well written, well acted film. Liev Schreiber nailed his part, and Sean William Scott was able to leave Stifler behind for his role. Definetly AWI highly recommended.

Spent the day packing up for the first trip of the year, Starbuck giving me the usual dirty looks and Molly sitting on my pillow meowing like crazy while im packing. I think i remembered everything, but probably not.

Also, looking like ill be taking in the Hell of the North in April, Im usually away for this one but Im finally getting the chance to race it, 125km mixed surface race should be a good starting point for my 2012 (cycling) race season.

I also hear there isnt a whole lot of internetting down in Rocky Bottom so I may need to fill you all in on the flipside.

Stay excellent

P.s. watch for some AWI racers at the pole pedal and pound, With all the snow gone not sure how there going to do the ski or snowshoe part?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"have you seen the long range forecast"

Turning over a new leaf, im trying to be more positive about things. So im not going to comment on the long range forecast for here and the forecast for where im going for March break.

Hopefully have done my last roller ride of the year, and last ski, even though skiing is the bees knees, I need to give the guns a break and drop the weight I put on in the upper body over the winter.

Full bike miles for the past few days, It was a bit chilly yesterday but it made for great mtbing conditons in the copeland, hit the doubletrack, and the heavily used snowshoe trails with the 9er and widest tires I have.

Just got in from an exciting meeting, if all goes well, might have an exciting new project on the go. Dont want to jinx it though.

Might need to sell my stake in Spurrt Productions.