Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year

February is going out in style, with another blast of chilly weather today. is telling me to rest so thats what im doing. To be honest anything more than 30minutes a day would be considered overtraining using their "training load" number.

hit Midhurst again yesterday rode over did some hill repeats in there and headed back.

Super exciting I know.

Weekend is looking half decent for some miles, but we'll see.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Legs good, arms not so much ****updated

After saturday my upper body is still a bit on the soft side, Starbuck and I got out for a long snowshoe Sunday in the fresh pow. I probably looked like a sasquatch with my hands hanging down to my shins as I meandered through the forest.

hit the road today for a Tempo workout into Flos, a bit breezy but a mild day made for a nice ride.

Home, pizzas, Daytona start, got to see the first lap crash, I love Nascar, when you can practically hear Jimmie Johnsons ribs breaking when he gets hit, thats awesome coverage.

Then headed out to Midhurst for another Monday nighter back on the bikes. Best non winter, winter ever.

Back owatching the end of the 500, pick for the win Mark Martin.

****like I said awesome, where else can you see a columbian F1 driver, crash into a jet helicopter engine, causing a massive fireball,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Race Report #1 2012

The first race of the year always hurts the most. Today was no exception, with winter suddenly appearing overnight and dumping a ton(by todays standards) of snow. The course was covered in a nice thick blanket of soft snow.

I was hoping with some good conditions id be able to do the 40km in a bit over 2 hours, not today. I knew it would be a slog, for everyone, not saying it was hard just for me.

lined up beside Glenn, he pointed out the fast guys, I was like whatever they dont look so fast.

Started, held my own for a bit on the climbs and flats but when it turned downhill, the leaders just coasted away from me, Reminded me of Chevy Chase and the sled scene in xmas vacation. no excuses they were gonna kill me anyway but me thinks there skis were a touch faster. probably waxed them and stuff.

Settled into a nice groove for a bit, blew up, Davis Ross(one of three new AWI members) came by me. And I was pretty much left to my own devices for the last 25km. Started to get a second wind going, and managed to pass a couple guys in the last 3 km.

turns out Glenn failed to point himself out as a contender and took the W, im not going to say how much he crushed me by. I finished 11th out of 24 overall in the 40.

Conclusion ski racing is stupid hard, and ive already checked to see if there is another race next weekend.

Also nice to see some familiar names like Tim Oliver and Alan Reain in the results.

oh oh, and yes I did start in the wrong wave, i thought it was funny when everyone started to classic ski around me. luckily before breaking into a nice skate stride I pulled off to the side and headed back to the Skate start. Such a NOOB.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its thursday

Two more sleeps until the ultimate throwdown. Weather has been way to nice to be preparing on skis though, So ive been crosstraining by riding my bicycle. Its a pretty good workout.

Starting to see some other cyclists out on the roads, always nice giving a wave. Saw Brien Ross the other day, dude is lookin fit I am not looking forward to racing him this year.

Today I was able to force myslef off the bike, to give the legs a rest, I did get out to hardwood for a nighttime skate tonight, just staying loose.

Short post from the ipad, I hate typing on this thing.

Stay excellent.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That perfect catch, that perfect throw.

perfection, is the word i would use to describe our monday nighter last night, perfectly packed snow, not icy, not soft, just right. We showed up skeptical of Tristans trail report but were quickly amazed. A nice easy cruise through midhurst it just felt right.

We obviously made fun the guy with odd wheel size, there so tiny like on a kids bike. Silly 26ers. Jer might as well put training wheels on that thing.

Earlier in the day I rode up to Awenda to check it out, I wasnt even sure id be able to ride in, with its canopied road, but it was all clear. Beauty day for a long ride, no wind, sunny, top that off with the mtb ride later, id say it could have been considered, BTGL.

practised my skiing today, especially the finish line collapse, its tricky you dont want to break a pole.

Heard a rumour Roger Hammond is racing paris to ancaster this year, frack.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I think i was almost sick

But luckily for me, I know have an immune system, take that cold and flu viruses. But I did take it easy for a few days. Super low energy levels so I didn't push it. Made due with the crazy weather and just tried to stay active.

Some roller rides, some skate skis and some Classic skiing.

Oh I did manage to I got the computer up and running again, proving that all you need to fix a PC is to have a second PC that works and Google. Works every time.

Today was the first solid day since earlier in the week, Headed back across the highway to the SFC for some more exploring. It was nice, cause the Copeland forest was packed to the gills with people.

Tomorrow morning should be prime for a skate ski, I'd be lyin if I said I wasn't nervous about the race coming up.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Admit it you missed me.

well I didnt go far, well actually my computer time the past few days has been spent trying to figure out what the f my computer is up to. Shortly after finishing the latest spurrt Production she went all bluey on me. Busted out my old toshiba, it was the perfect front wheel lift for my trainer.

In case you missed it here is the latest

enjoy it cause there wont be any more Spurrt Productions until Tristan springs for a new computer for editing purposes. Or I attempt a fix on my current one.

Saturday with the mega death winter storm in full force my interval workout on the rollers couldn't have come at a better time. Good workout the three fans I have setup came in handy. V for Vendetta and Eight legged freaks made do for the entertainment.

Yesterday I knocked an item of my too do list, skied from one of the lowest points in the Horseshoe valley to what I think is one of the highest points around. Need to bust out a topo map to be sure. Ive ridden a lot of these trails before but ive never skied on this side of the Horseshoe valley highway. Got to the top yelled im the king of the world ate a cliff bar and made my way back. ...tick tock, just waiting for a driver to downloaded to upload my what have you been up too?


ahh there we go

Perfect conditions, nice soft fluffy fresh snow over a hard base.

Way to nice a day to not get out for a ski today. Opted for the groomed sweetness of the ski and bike, short and sweet, found my token ski buddy for the day, whats half wheeling called in skiing? half poleing? "hey stop half poleing me" just doesn't have the same ring to it.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 years

Thats how long sports equipment lasts, no less, no more, 10 years.

I love using stuff till the bitter end, remember my Zebratas? id still be wearing them if they didn't break.

This winter has seen some equipment failures, first my ski pole straps (10 years old) start breaking and the velcro losses its adhesive quality. Luckily I was able to find some replacements even though the pole manufacturing no longer exists.

Then Monday my right skate boot(purchased same year as the poles) zipper explodes, eh no biggy doesn't seem to affect my skiing (its just as hack as before) still got one good boot, sure enough Tuesday my left zipper detonates, thats when I busted out the old WTF. Have a plan to fix those puppies up, it involves gorilla glue and possibly duct tape.

Then sadly today, my trusty winter steed, with its simple 1x9 setup turned itself into a 1x1, when my (10 year old) Dura Ace 7700 9 speed shifter gave up and said no more. I was able to get the rear d halfway down my stack, and singlespeed it home. Making sure to keep the rpm between 95-100 even when pedaling against nothing. Figuring if Steve Neal drove by he couldn't yell at me for slacking off and coasting downhill. Still a great ride, time was bang on but I was hoping for a few more km out towards Phelpston.

Gots my studs on for a ride in the copeland tomorrow morning before the mega death snow storm comes, supposed to be getting 3cm of snow this weekend. Yeah I plan on huddling by the new remote controlled fireplace and waiting it out.

..... or Ill just go out and ski. either or.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lets just say I have a number and I havent quite hit it yet

Have I used that title yet? I think I have but its still valid, speaking of my total ski km goal and Ive been feeling some pressure lately to get to it before summer, since its basically spring now. The skiing was great today and made the longest ski of the year easy peasy

Felt like I was going downhill the whole time. Did have my first bail of the year, caught a rut with one ski and ate it good. Its cool, no one saw it or filmed it.

Reading: Norco is experimenting with 650b wheels a bit, having not ridden them or even being in the same room as one, I'm wondering if it could be the primo size for a 100mm dual suspension xc bike?

Restless nights: Last night while trying to sleep there was a strange yellow glow coming from my closet, being afraid of all things in the dark I hid under the covers till I awoke the next morning.....turns out it was just my new awesome "flash Yellow" Helium from Lazer helmets the helmet has to be seen in person, its looks awful in pictures.

2012 gear is starting to trickle it,

anywho, stay excellent,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

early february goodness

Great weekend of bicycles, got out for a nice long road ride yesterday, very little wind, nice rolling route picture perfect early season base ride.

Today was a highlight of 2012 thus far, the joyride womens weekend is as great as it said to be, forgetting about the womens aspect its just amazing to see so many diverse riders from beginners to amazing (Tammy) coming together and sharing their knowledge of the sport and their eagerness to learn it. Glad I was part of it, Shane and I were stationed at the Sport Skinnies which we quickly renamed trails, and then renamed them raised wooden trails. The ladies did awesome, great to see them pushing themselves so hard.

well, time to check out this football game.

"A mans bicycle is like a cowboys horse.A man should never walk a perfectly good steed."

Tristan Spurr

Friday, February 3, 2012

Boom Bam

Yeah I'm really in need of some new blog titles. That has nothing to do with anything just something Jim Carrey says in the Cable Guy.

Solid few days, Road ride yesterday a tour de Oro, with 2 x 20 min tempo, Roads are in good shape, dry and clear for the most part just rough from the 100 freeze thaw cycles they've gone through this "winter". I didn't even attempt riding on Ridge(shanty bay) road, didn't feel like breaking my wrists or breaking my steel fork off.

Headed into the city last night to see what all the fuss is about Oscars during Barrielicious, turns out not much. Sat down at 6:30 left at 10, I was starving by the time we left again. Food was ok but nothing to write home about.

After a couple days out on the road I headed to Hardwood, need to keep up my ski km's if I'm going to own the 40km Loppet in a few weeks. Ran into an old racer buddy, who crushed me, also dawned on me it has been a long time since I skied with anyone else.Its probably true as it is with cycling that you should try to ski(ride) with folks who are faster than you. Great conditions today.

On tap for the weekend, bicycle ride tomorrow, Sunday not sure yet, maybe helping out at Joyride at the womens weekend either helping to instruct or chilling at the Norco booth, thats right ladies.

*Edit: will be coaching on Sunday at the Joyride womens weekend,

Learning: A Groundhog and a woodchuck are the same thing, who knew?

Viewed: Harold and Kumars Christmas, really I just wanted to see NPH's appearance which was nothing less than amazing.

Eating: Butternut squash soup from the latest issue of Canadian Cycling magazine. Probably Paleo so I added some definitely not Paleo ingredients to it.