Sunday, November 4, 2012

while its fresh

The local club had its day in the sun(even though it was cloudy) today with hosting their first Provincial Championship.It was a chilly one, called for +3 with sun but that sun never showed up, so i think it barely hovered above zero. Raced in knee warmers and embro and didnt regret it.

Shane did a wicked job with the course this year, kind of a combo of the first two years. The Joyride 150 stairs were a great feature and definitely a throwback to the infamous stairs at Sunnidale. Long(long) power sections and some nicely dialed in turns. Still maybe a hair short on time but with the course maxed at 3.6km, the only choice would make some slower turnier sections. As its not like there are any climbs to throw in.

Race was good, I hit it hard off the line, and led into the first set of corners, group of 4 ish of us had a gap. Mitch and I then ended up with our own gap after a lap or two. On the third or 4th lap I started to crack a bit and Mitch went by, and I though eh whatever NBD hes a U-23 im not even racing him really. Managed to keep him in sight and with a few laps to go, we came back together, a bit of Mitch slowing up I think and the carrot effect. With 2.5 ish to go I put down an effort and ecked out a small gap, which I was gradually able extend a bit more in the final laps. At which point I was like Senior/U-23 totally a combined race. At the end of the day nabbed another Elite title.

awesome job Barrie Cycling Club, 

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