Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skyfall review.....and maybe some cx nats stuff

As requested from the nation my Skyfall breakdown, in short good but its no Casino Royal. Another "dark" lone wolf type flick, there really trying to hone in on the Dark Knight success in my opinion. Playing up the rich orphan storyline of bonds past, hello bruce wayne, he even has a butler waiting for him when he returns home.

All the acting was great, I just felt like I was watching another Batman movie. Good, had its moments but overplayed at the moment. Not to mention the main Bond girl in the movie was Judi Dench.

onto this past weekend out on the wet coast, travel was smooth as butter, met up with Lesperance at YVR and headed to white rock.

Nats was good, had a good start but didnt have the legs to hold it and turn it into a result ended up with a lucky 7.  Sunday was somewhat the opposite good legs, but after a solid crash and the subsequent 3-4 gears I had to use after I did my best to hang onto 11th.

 Monday we got to visit Norco HQ, where the "real" work happens, place is huge, without a guided tour we'd probably still be there.

up next Niagara falls for for the last CX race in Ontario,(for the year)(or ever if the mayans are correct)

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