Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember 1st

Yes, I love this month, get to not shave my mustache and people cant say anything about it. #winning.


Real Deal CX at Horseshoe, awesome race by the real deal crew, I was lucky enough to do the Hell of the North in April, the Georgian 200 in August, and capped it off with their iteration of a cx race. Did not disappoint, course was challenging, but had some really fun unique features you dont get to see everyday in a cx race.

Albion CX race-Angry Johnny and Superfly put on a great event nothing short of what you would expect from them.

Hardwood CX- Im sure it was good but I finally played hooky and went for a ride.

Been ultra low energy the past couple weeks, need fuel, heard on the news tonight it rained 27 days this month, that i can handle but no sun makes Drew go something something. 

Luckily I have some wicked friends who allow me to crush them when we play board games, was introduced to Settlers of Catan, Jacob crushed that one but

Up next: CX provincial championships of the world, down the road in Midhurst, Shaner built some wicked looking stairs, I haven't seen the course yet but im sure its a good one. 

New wheels are built up, Reflex to Dura Ace hubs, no more Ultegra for this guy.

Speaking of hubs, so I was riding/hiding in the copeland today, riding up the beer climb and the horrible noise that was coming from my wheel on my winter bike finally stopped at the same time my freehub let go. Had to hike her out, but I was on high ground so it was mostly downhill. #xtraining

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