Tuesday, November 13, 2012

another day another 30 dollars

This past weekend had Tristan and myself loading up the AWI race vehicle, and heading into the belly of the beast, Ottawa.

I got called out pretty hard on the facebooks by the likes of Rob Orange and Chris Reid, so I really didnt have a choice.

Early departure, beautiful morning here in Craighurst, 8 degrees. Picked up my Soigneur for day and took the "back" way to our nationals capitol. As the temperature dropped the whole way. Arrived right at 11, to a nice rendition of in flanders fields on the radio.

Well the forecasted 14 and sunny didnt come true but the course and venue were great. Got to see some folks i havent seen for a while.

Between 1-2pm leading up to our race the temperature climbed about 10 degrees. Race was good, I f-ed up the start Brad said 30 seconds, I kept waiting for 15 to get my game face on, when he just gave us the horn. #mentalnote

The rest of the race was spent chasing DSJ, never did catch him, but had fun trying on the tight twisty greasy corners. The new mud tires worked awesome as did the new hoops, the dura ace hubs are sawweeettt. And the new reflex's braked really well.

Rolled in for second...but turns out still first ontario rider, so I still have all 25's in the S-cup series. Gonna be a Nathan, Mancini, Watson showdown in Niagara falls for the overall I think.

The drive home was solid, it was awesome having Tristan along for the day, kept me awake for the drive and was a great jacket taker/bike holder.

Up next CX nationals in Vancouver, sorry South Surrey, should be good times.

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