Thursday, September 13, 2012

this ones for you Ben

Got called out for no blog post in a while, and since im not taking my laptop to crank the shield i guess i better punch something out now.

Since the 9 hour/georgian crit weekend i took two weekends off racing to get some good miles in, in prep for a busy fall.

got in some great rides, a few rides up to Awenda, a pretty river tour and a few big chute laps. 

To most peoples surprise i raced provincials last weekend, I'm not exactly sure why folks were surprised, the course is awesome,  even without the fenceline rock garden it does remind me of Mountainview, (sadface) it would be awesome if both Mountainview and Duntroon were on the calender.

Race was good, as i explained to the guys yesterday when we were riding big chute, it turned into a $250 effort to not pull a Kulhavy, if i didnt stop and say hi at the finish line (spak) im sorry I had to go.

Thanks to C-vip for the 3 feeds, we wont talk about the 4th,

Always a treat to race at Duntroon, and two of my athletes I coach had personal bests(and another tied theres) at provincials that was a cool feeling in a living vicariously kind of way.

Monday i went on a Solo mission to the city (not Barrie, like the big city) took the GO train down to the direct energy center to hang out and talk bikes with Norco and Live to play sports. Train was awesome, 20 bucks for not having to deal with traffic or parking and spend the day in TO, worth every penny. Wish it ran more.

Yesterdays ride was good with Jer and Tristan, someone else was there cant remember who. One last hot lap around the chute before this cold front rolls in tonight. Just in time for CTS, also thanks to the chico guys for saying how dry it is up there and jinxing it.

so yeah, CTS tomorrow with Haley, going for my third category win, then cx season, bikes are coming together, at this point i have everything but hubs and spokes, (highly overrated) Hopefully have something together for Nathans races next weekend in St Kitts.

then speedriver  the following weekend mmm Wellington mmmm.