Monday, August 27, 2012

weekly update

Great week of riding, the warm weather is back. I managed to get in up to 4 rides with some of the athletes I coach last week.

Capped off with riding the provincials course yesterday up in Duntroon. Great course, Sudbury is naturally awesome and still my favourite course of the year, but The amount of work that the Duntroon builders put in is impressive and it shows with a great hard course.

I got a few good road rides in as well, hope to get a few more road miles in this week.

Lance Armstrong ....whatever, im more done with it more than he is.

Yeah I know exciting, one thing I am started to get excited about is Crank the Shield, reading the course descriptions were giving me butterflies.

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Ben Ricetto said...

update your blog, I'm sick of not seeing fresh reading material