Sunday, August 5, 2012

more riding less bloggin

General fitness is coming along, got in three big rides this week 130km on wednesday up and around big chute, 160km yesterday no real destination just rode around alot, from Lake simcoe to Georgian bay and lots in between. Capped the week off with 120km to Creemore and back with some guys(yup got to ride with actual human beings) The guys went easy on me, attempted a Fairgrounds road climb strava cold after a coffee, no dice. Ill need to plan another trip over there. On the way back we got hit hard with rain, thankfully unlike southern california it was very pleasant and warm and had us smiling all the way home. 

Geek out stuff, I think I've hit my aerodynamic limit on my road bike and position, busted out a new cp20 (at least for the past few years) 8% more than a month ago, but my 15km TT time only dropped by about 10 seconds. Same setup, clothes, weather. 42.6kph avg may be where wattage to time goes exponential with my current TT setup (getting in the drops)

 Im hitting the couch for the next 24 hours I think.

....or going to ride buckwallow tomorrow

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