Monday, August 20, 2012

"How many Crits do you do a year?"

A question Scott Bentley asked as we did our F1 style parade lap last night, but Ill back up to another great event the Mountainview 9 hour. AKA the best kept non-secret on the mountainbike calender. Thomas puts on a great event every year (at least the two ive done) 

I never give up a chance to ride mountainview site of my 4th favourite O-cup course of all time behind Calabogie
Elliot Lake

We had a great time up there, ended up 3rd behind the total sports team in second and Bikeland taking the big W. The main battle came down to Bretton and I going for the fastest lap and the big giant cheque that went with it. In the end Bretton got me by 10 seconds, but we were able to stay friends.

Another great event by the Mountainview CC

Getting home late and knowing what lay ahead Sunday night I slept in and opted out of Epping. To be honest the way the interclubs have been going im starting to lose a bit of interest in them. Starting to feel like free for alls instead of an Aussie Pursuit.

Back to the Georgian 200, it started off with a flying 420meter lap, my specialty,  I wowed the fans with my 10th place in that. which I figure is about 50kph, well short of the 56kph the fastest lap did.

The flying lap was our staging spot, where I was lined up beside Scott, he didnt like the answer I gave him. Thinking back the last crit i did was probably in the 90's. But Short tracks are crits kinda right?

The track at Sunset is very unique its tough to call it an actual road crit, with the banked corners it felt more like riding a Velodrome.

We did a lap behind a corvette pace car, Ed called it a F1 formation lap, but really it was more like Nascar as we were lined up two abreast. just details though

Pace car pulled off and we were off, the pace was pretty high right from the gun, of course me being the stupid MTber I got my nose right in the mix right away. Actually setting up the first lapping by Anton and a few others, again me being the dumb Mtber thought it was going to get caught so I let off, only to see the big group ease up and allow the small group to lap the field, Doh.

But a few laps later I hit the gas again a few other joined me and put a lap back into the field. So there were about 10 or so on the lead lap. That was the last time id put any ground on anyone.

Jeff Moote and I tried another lapping, we were actually getting close till Anton said NO!! and just dragged the field back to us. This was close the halfway mark. And marks when I started to lose a little steam. The rest is blur but after two more groups putting laps into the group I was down a lap.

With fading legs I was happy to just still be in the field. I was starting to have trouble catching wheels on accelerations and after the 50 to go mark a gap opened up and two of us were left in the wind. Thats always been my weak point in Road, going from 40kph to 50kph, its whole other kind of acceleration.

**After 100 laps if a rider was 4 laps down we would be asked to retire(from the race not in general). Also we were allowed to mix back into the group, we didnt have to stay separate which was good

I did about 10 or so laps with another rider before the group came back by, it was an effort but I was able to get back into the group. At this point i was just staring at the riders infront of me, as long as the pace was steady it was easy to stay on, lasted till 3 to go, when another acceleration went, but with only a couple laps i was able to just ride it in without losing another lap.

finished up 11th 2 laps down. It was tough, but a ton of fun, really exciting racing, everyone was attacking chasing, working,

In the end Anton the Destroyer won it,

Big thanks to the real deal crew for another unique and awesome event, if your looking for something a little different I definitely recommend this event and their Hell of the North in April.

And the Commisaires for staying up late and scoring what was probably a tough event to keep track of. 

off to guide a MTB ride in the Copeland, hope my legs work

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