Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buckwallow re-cap

After 24 years of racing in the elite category the Buckwallow win remained elusive, now its just Albion. But with sundays race in the books Im able to put that puppy to bed.

The first two laps were pretty exciting, I was lined up a couple rows back, got started immediately riding through a ditch, opting to try and ride it out. Then quickly realized Matt P was right my 34 single ring wasn't going to be enough. In the first couple KM all I could do is spin at 120 and hold onto wheels. But when we did eventually hit singletrack or climbs I was ready to go.

The leaders were long gone, I was in the high teens for the first half lap, but when gaps started forming I was able to start picking off riders. I wasnt sure if i would ever see the lead group again, Buckwallow can be tough to close gaps, and open gaps.

But with the 1st lap at an end I realized I did put some time into them. Lap 2 my 34-12 was acuatlly pretty good, forced me to spin it out on the double track and recover a bit, so I could punch all the short singletrack climbs.  By mid-lap I was on the back of the lead group of 5, passing was another story, again the single didnt really allow a whole lot of "go" so i had to wait for climbs, and even then on some of the double track theres really only one good line.

By West denile I was third wheel, then before the last piece of singletrack I was able to move into the lead. Going into Loam Rider. I remembered pre-riding it was faster to go around the rock over's, and even thinking they should tape them off. The first ride-around being blind, I turned hard into it, got about 5 feet down the trail where the tape started, bam, then noticed two ladies standing on the course(well off the course), they both screamed but I missed them, another piece of tape and I was back on course. So i guess they taped it off after pre-riding...... they should have post pre-riding sessions. (dont worry I let Sean know all this)(then he made fun of me saying ill probably blog about it.....)

Pete protested but I sighted the new rule, and the windham DH and Zandstra Blue mountain off course "no gain"  precedents. He withdrew and we carried on, and thats pretty much all the excitement, I was able to eek out small gains in the singletrail, riding my Phaser probably gave me a slight edge over Pete and Ryan on hardtails. Then spin it to win it on the long pieces of doubletrack where the fully was also awesome on all the roots I was able to sit and pedal.

Lap 3 was fairly open so I was able to push it, lap 4 was neutral as it usually is, then lap 5 I was able to push it again.

Rocked out the Real Deal Podium Protocol, I hear it may be banned next year.

Big thanks to Kevin and Norco for setting the Phaser up for the weekend, prefect buckwallow bike,

Up next 9 hour at Mountainview, Its going to be a blast, Kevin, Sue, Bretton and myself, Brett and I will probably just try to each get the fastest lap and end up killing each other.

Epping sunday, love that course, then possibly maybe, thinking about doing the triple with the Real Deal Georgian 200 at Sunset Speedway,  nighttime crit under the lights on a race track, closest thing to Nascar Ill ever get a chance to do.  

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