Sunday, July 1, 2012

There’s a town called Windham and a river runs through it & Happy Canada Day

Have I used that one before? Lespy loves to call me out for all my film references, but he sleepwalks and stuff so Ill let it go.

Good week leading into the race, hung out in Burke Vermont for a couple days and rode Kingdom trails, weather wasn’t awesome, started raining as we left st anne and never really stopped until we left Burke. Luckily the trails are super sandy like back home in Oro so the riding was actually pretty good.

But as soon as we arrived in Windham it was hot and beautiful all week. Course was the standard course with one new piece of singletrack and some “fluff” knocked off the end of the lap. But dry, like riding Sunpeaks in August big dust holes everywhere.

Decided on the Phaser this course was made for the ART suspension with all the square edge rocks everywhere  and open climbs to just lock her out, the bike was a rocket on this course. 

One really big change from last year was that we started in the town of Windham itself and then rode up to the course. A little Hoffalize’esque. Start was hard and I really didn’t have much speed in the legs, just held onto my position, first lap was tough, basically climbed for 10-12 minutes from town to the top of the course.

Started to roll up a bit into the riders ahead on the 2nd and 3rd laps, had Pete G in my sights looks like we were both have solid(above tempo) races,  sure enough a random boulder sized rock appeared on course,  bam front wheel hit hard figured I was on a Small Block NBD….but yeah it starting spraying stans. Stopped lined it up on the bottom to try and get it to seal which it eventually did but I was down to 10-15 PSI, so the descent was interesting. But I survived, and Havy did a quick change in the pit and got me going again. Lost a good amount of time and a few places, with medium legs I wasn’t able to make up much of that time. Heading onto my 5th lap I had a good idea that it was going to be my last judging by where the leaders were.

Pushed hard on the climb one last time and tried to enjoy the last descent. But sure enough bang, rear tire goes down. I was lower on the descent this time and only had a few fast open sections and Kabush falls to negotiate. Rolled/ran it off into the 80% cutoff.

Not even sure exactly where I finished off, seemed like a standard Windham for me, 3 for 3 with Mechanicals/Flats here. Still love it though, the town is awesome for what they can pull off here, the course is great.

Haley crushed her race, 9th place beating her result at st anne. And Lespy was 40something not the result he was looking for but I’m proud of him for sticking it out. 

oh also, if you have two pairs of shoes, its a good idea to bring them both,

Downhill today and heading home tomorrow.(monday)

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