Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer livin

Not sure I have ever mentioned I love hot summer weather, and this week I have been in Heaven. Tuesday just got settled and unpacked and got caught up with some CDC team stuff. With a short ride thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday after not having done a 3hour+ ride in a couple months I decided a 4.5 hour ride would be no problem. Just had to keep an eye on the powermeter but I finished it off strongly. Rode up to Awenda, jersey fully unzipped start to finish. Actually I'm lying I zipped up when I went into the park store to refuel. Didnt want to creep out the cute girl working there. 6 big bottles of fluid in 4 hours and I was dry for the last 30 minutes. #goodlivin.

Hit Copeland today for a short easy ride on the phaser, trying a new suspension setup before the weekend. Wanted to have a base comparison before hitting Sudbury. Ill spare you the naked guy story. It was disturbing, thats all I will say.

Tonight I headed out to the bi-weekly club TT, duel purpose was to see where I was at cp20 wise. As expected it was lower than pre-season, but not as bad as it could have been. I think I still did my best Ingram road TT time at least. Gave up on aerodynamics halfway through and opened the jersey right up. again #goodlivin

Packing tomorrow, Lively Saturday with Bretton and Haley for the Lively O-cup. Should be a good weekend, my main concern is finding a good swimming hole after the race, or on the way home.

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