Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rule #17......again

I cant really remember what happened up until Saturday at the GBO (georgian bay open) day got off to a good start when I got a free entry as Last years winner.

Got the low down on the course from some of the people who pre-rode, it sounded like they got rid of the two way singletrack of death(maybe they read my blog from last year......)

Not much to really think about at this race with a 750 foot climb off the start there isnt much strategy just giver. DZ rode away on the first climb, Peter "NP" Glassford was on my wheel(i dont think he wants me to say what NP means)  but in the rolling stuff at the top I found myself on my own. Then just kept trucking, took it easy on the decent so I wouldnt blow off the sketchy slick embryo trail like last year. DZ took a wrong turn and lost all his lead, reentered the course nowhere near where he left but with the rule now you could get off course go to starbucks grab a latte re enter on the other side and as long as its not an andvantage its all good.

DZ put down another good grind climb to gain back some lead time and that was about that rode in for 2nd.

It was great to see the event go from the absolute worst cycling event I had ever been too last year, to an awesome event this year kudos to Blue mountain for the turnaround.

Saturday nights entertainment was provided by another late night 911 call for someone swimming in the pool at 1 in the morning. Cops came just in time to meet my neighbour getting out of the pool. Of course I envoked zombieland rules and opted to not be a hero. I had a hunch it was my neighbor but still didnt want to get shot or something by some whacko. OPP response time is a little better than Barrie police I will say that.

Post weekend Ive got some good road rides in, 2 a days even, yeah not the 3 a days that Nino apparently does but I guess thats why i'm spending august 12 at Buckwallow and not in Hadleigh.

Headed out for a long MTB ride today turned into a road ride as my arms and legs got thrashed by the raspberry bushes, Copeland and wilderness was good but 8th and sugarbush was overgrown.

also my review of the Dark Knight rises, not sure yet, I think it was good? parts of it were awesome, the first and last 15 minutes rocked but there were some really tacky scenes in the middle that I think Chris Nolan went on vacation for.

The twist at the end was something only Nolan could pull off with total surprise. Very Prestige like.

The end was good so I guess thats all that matters. (just like this blog)


Peter Glassford said...

Are your referencing the rules of wedding crashing?

Tristan Spurr said...

"The end was good so I guess thats all that matters"-thats what she said.....