Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Naughton O-cup weekend

Great weekend up north in the small town of Naughton for an o-cup. Headed up Saturday morning with teammates Bretton and Haley. Short and easy drive up compared to the rest of our road trips this year. Beautiful country up there.

Pre-rode the course a few times, did a lap with some of the athletes I'm coaching. Loved the course, 3rd favorite o-cup course of all time, next to Elliot lake and Calabogie(year one).

Dinner we drove into Sudbury, for some Kelseys action, followed up by desert at Starbucks and a serious book discussion in chapters, re:50 shades of grey, Bretton is loving that book right now.

Hit the course mid morning, kind of invaded/self adopted ourselves into the two wheel racing pit. Sat down and had a little chat with Marc-Antoine about start etiquette in the senior race. He didnt seem to be listening. 

Lined up second row, since I missed all the previous o-cups this year with my "mysterious Illness" which is only a secret to people who don't read this/dont have internet.

About 10 feet into the race all I feel is guys falling over on-top of me, choose the "run away" tactic dropped my bike and hoofed it into the woods. Looked back to see the bike i was racing, under two guys and their bikes, luckily the only thing wrong was a twisted stem and derailed chain. With the stop to fix the stem, I was again well off he back in last. (never lining up on the left hand side ever again) (also later learned it was Marc Antoine missing his pedal/junior starting that started the pile up........) (Swatty was probably saying "I told you soo" but whatever it was cool to see marc in there with us) (k last bracket i swear)

Took a while to catch anyone, didn't see anyone till the first time through the feedzone. Then started to roll past some guys on the climb. Managed to catch and pass Davis Ross(AWI racing) on his singlespeed just as I was starting to run out of steam. Held him off for a bit, but he just kept chasing me down. Turned into the most intense battle ive had this year. In the end he crushed the final climb and decent, and we rolled through in 4th and 5th. Behind winner Mitch B, Steve N in 2nd, Jacob M(AWI racing) in 3rd.

Tyson flatted out of contention in the final lap and ended up in 6th. If he was an American im sure the 5 of us would all be called out as cheap racers, and that we should feel bad and hang our heads in shame for not giving him the win........ oh wait we're bike racers and flats happen, (sorry just hate the American cycling medias uber biased unreasonable commentary on windham)

Big giant thanks to Robin Waller, Spoke o motion, Gershom Morris, and Mike G, for getting me in the race.

The chico crew and the walden cycling club for a great race, it will be interesting as a Canada cup,

Great trip with Haley and Bretton as well with some good #teambonding as usual.

Unsure about this weekend, ribs still feel like crap, except when riding, its sleeping and odd movements that seem to still cause pain. Racing doesnt hurt but maybe its not allowing them to heal up?

But Road Provincials in my hometown is tempting.

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