Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthy Weekend off, but not away

Sometimes I always think im taking a lot of time off cause im sick, but then think about how rarely I take healthy time off. Vicious circle?

After the Souter beatdown Wednesday around Big Chute and the CDC team crushed me on our c-100 course preview ride. I crawled into bed and called it a week.

Hell in the Horseshoe was definitely out had a 60th surprise B-day lunch for my Mom at Blue Mountain that afternoon, she was a little grumpy that I was skipping what could have been a payday, but when she realized the surprise aspect of it with the whole family awaiting her arrival at the restaurant she understood. Wouldnt have missed it for a chance at $2400.00.......$2500? maybe(just kidding mom your the best). CDC's five riders rode really well with 4 in the top 10. Some guy named Ryan Roth won it?? guess he works out.

Up early Sunday morning, on my bike(baggies t-shirt, not training) rode over to Horseshoe at 6:30 am, to jump into "Tech 1" Velocity ski and bikes Neutral support vehicle with Tristan Spurr driving. I was really looking forward to a new experience. "Tech 1" quickly became the go to tech support vehicle, we started out in the 50km event at 7:30. First issue was on Horseshoe valley road, chain derailed I was out of that car and had it fixed before Tristan had stopped the car. NBD.

We continued on through the C50 fixing flats, swapping wheels, Tristan fixed two broken chains faster than Ive ever seen.

Once we finished a lap of the C50, we blasted up to Moonstone to catch up to the C100, not quite as many issues, but we were still busy till the end.  Did another half lap of the C100 before pulling back into Horseshoe resort.

Loads of fun, a new experience, Tristan giggled like a school girl every time we got to blow through a stop sign with cops waving us through.

Post race, I met back up with the Norco Crew to tear down the expo and we headed into the Copeland for a ride, it was hot, so much so that the water in the swamps were evaporating before our eyes.

 Home for a quick shower and then in the car to head up north to celebrate Jer's B-day, fixie pub ride style. Solid ending to a great weekend off the bike...but still rode for some reason.

quote of the day "Tech 1 here.....yeah we got that....Over"

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