Sunday, July 29, 2012

"all ready for the quall Hunt"

is that how you spell Quall? anyways, after kicking back thursday I was set to go friday for my first Strava hunt.

I used to plan routes by difficulty, wind, time, you know general training stuff for Friday it was how many segments can I hit. Ended up picking off 8, and getting the KOM's for 5. NBD.

Saturday I left the chasing to others and just rolled out a nice 3 hour endurance ride by the numbers. Headed down to Carthew Bay, havent ridden south of HWY 11 in a while.

oh Before I forget Huge props to Teammate Haley Hunter Smith for her selection to MTB worlds in Austria (or as Leslie Tomlinson would call it Australia) good work Hale`s.

back to GBA cycling, Got in a great ride out in Vasey taking in the Mountainview CC`s interclub up there. Beautiful day so I rode up to save some Dino juice and get some more miles in.

Race was great, put in some solid efforts before getting a nice junior style leg cramp, serious last time I had one like that was 1998. Anyways spun her in grabbed a coke and rode home with Mark H(2011 RAAM 2 man champ, NBD) he decided we should ride the hilly route home, arrggghhhhh.

Good weekend, Good week, id need to do some math but probably my biggest since South Carolina.

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