Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Going on 9 weeks battling this illness of unknown origin.(alien virus?) Hit up the doc yesterday, who wasn`t as busy as usual and actually took the time to try and figure out what the frack is going on.

Thinks it could be an immune response to environmental conditions or contaminants...or something like that. So kinda like an allergy but its actually making me sick. Pretty broad though could be  Mold, Pollen, chemicals, pets...Un-hygenic teammates....29ers.Who knows.

So got some new pills and a few other things to try. So off to Nationals and two world cups I go, Not much else to do other than put my head down and lay it all out there. Bummer though had an awesome winter of training, felt strong yet rested and ready for the condensed 2012 season.

But at least I still love riding my bike, had a great ride last night in Midhurst, took the guys on a new trail I found which Jacob described as `totally unsustainable` as we were sliding down with rear wheels locked up with our asses buzzing the tire. Well its there now so we might as well enjoy it.

Looking forward to three weeks with my Norco Teammates, hashtag positive

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