Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunny Days

hows that for a #positive title.

Pete and I are apparently feuding again? not sure exactly why this time. Maybe its some pre-woodnewton intimidation?

Had a good weekend of imparting wisdom and learning. Saturday was the Cadet Camp...which was opened up to Juniors and u-15s as well. Hardwood played host and we had a great day, riding, honing some skills, eating, riding some more, Amanda Sin, Mitch Bailey and myself gave some talks about "life on the road" and how to balance school(Mitch) and racing.  What to pack, where to pack it, what to do in case a volcano erupts in Iceland. Then we ate some more, almost like Mike G wanted to keep our energy up or something. Then we rode some more on the Canada Cup course. Then we ate some more.

Great day I think the athletes learned a lot.

Sunday a Beautiful day for the first interclub race of the world of 2012. Great turnout, lots of eager people. Group 5 was gigantic, when I was a kid it was 5 guys. Now its 15. Had some Norco team stuff going with Bretton Matthews rolling down from the the M-dot. Had some AWI representation with Tristan, Spak was there but I guess he quit the team cause he wasn't reppin the kit.

And also 8 of 9 of the Centurion Development Canada athletes were there. They rode like champs a little too much work maybe but really they were still right there at the finish.

There was no doubt that group5 would catch the other groups, but that didnt stop the first lap from being a hammer fest. Thats with Tristan never going to the front, of course we shed some riders which is a shame as the pace slowed considerably after the first lap.

rest of the race is a haze, Tried to get away a couple times once we caught group 3, that wasn't happening, turned into a cat 3 race, chase anything that moved and then soft pedal.
Caught up with Rob Mann who reminded me after the group caught me that I once asked him to sign my helmet as a kid, good to see him again after 6 years.

In the end Elliot and Martin were in good position to take the W, but tactics and smarts out did youth and Rob Mann took it.

All the CDC athletes rode well, I was glad to see them being assertive in the race, and learning some valuable lessons.

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