Thursday, May 31, 2012

my bad

Been a busy week, post eastern canada spring series race #2 usually is pretty busy. Right after BSP we jetted towards Petawawa. Stopping in Berthierville for the night.

The race itself left a little to be desired, similar to Tremblant some good steady power but not setting off any fireworks. But I've only been back to a structured plan for 10 days now so can't expect to be Ryder Hesjedal overnight. Another short race, could have been another lap. Actually I really think the UCI should go to the CX model for timing races as they can never get it right with a calculation.

 Just have the race go for 1:20 plus a lap or something.  With the sub 20minute laps nowadays it could easily work and pretty much guarantee the race winner would be between 1:30-1:45.

So off to Petawawa for a nother great Norco Bicycles Demo with Gearheads, awesome shop, people, trails, its always a highlight of this trip. Demo Monday, did a group ride on the sick trails tuesday morning, took out a Norco Sight didn't know a XC bike ride could be so fun on a "bigger" trail bike.

Shot back to C-hurst said our team goodbyes. Shed some tears and hit the sack tuesday evening at home.

B-day yesterday but I did manage to get out for a road ride, beautiful day for it, followed by dinner and drinks with family and KBolts.

 my interview with trailburn ran you can find it here

... pre-ride with Hale and Lespy today at Hardwood, CDC training tonight,

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