Thursday, May 3, 2012

Morning post

Forgot to give a shout out to our friends from the Sault for coming out Monday night for a ride and some ice cream after. #GL.

Tuesday I headed out on the road bike up to the rail trail through Victoria Harbour then back south. Even managing to end up on a gravel road feeling lost and pulling out the iphone to see where I was. The weather man promised 16 and sun, never got above 10 and cloudy the entire time, which was still way better than snow, but still I was grumpy or according to some normal. Not as grumpy as the equestrian lady who almost got launched the second her horse saw me. As a cyclist it was my fault for riding my bicycle on a public road, over a blind hill and not considering the 1 in 10000 chance there would be a horse on the other side.... and to further the story the lady admitted her horse was very uncontrollable and unpredictable....but it was still my fault for not vanishing into thin air or stopping on a dime on rough pavement down a steep hill at 50kpk.

Yesterday in the AM, I jumped on the 9er and rode Copeland, found even more new singletrack, mixed feelings about that, not sure nows the right time to be building illegal trail when MTBers are in danger of being ousted from there. But it is fun new stuff to ride.

Last night I headed down to the promise land, Bradford. Forget Edmonton its the new Champion city, actually Bradford will probably win the Stanley cup before Toronto does. I gush a lot about Coulson hill, and really theres nothing special about the place, but the people and atmosphere of that race cant be beat(King city comes close) Catching up with people who were racing there 15 years ago was great. Myles does a great job with the series and everyone who took out a Norco loved it, the Revolvers went like hot cakes.

Also picked up the new Phaser, similar to last years, but with a thru axle front fork, and trail crankset(yup you know what that means)(well maybe you do) and came quipped with the new Kenda 24seven tires

 stay excellent

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