Thursday, May 24, 2012


This basically how we roll here on the team, last night it was my turn to create an athlete sized feast. Went with the old pork tenderloin, with a nice paprika dry up, seared on the stovetop(best way to do it IMHO) then onto the grill to finish. Also found some fiddleheads so crushed those with asparagus and corn on the cob mini's and some roasted veggies of course. Haley made up a nice quinoa lemon salad which was unreal.

Solid mid week meal after a little travel day Tuesday from Tremblant. Sunday and Monday were very relaxed, actually found time to just relax and go for rides.

I did my usual road loop, which is apparently also a big chunk of the Ironman Tremblant route.

Yesterday we headed out for some laps of the course here in BSP, basically everything I remember going down know we are going up. Lespy and Bretton crushed the course taking a bunch of tubes and my beloved mini pump with them.

The weather on this trip has been nothing short of fantastic, knock wood. 

In case you didnt see it CDC is rockin it 

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