Tuesday, May 1, 2012

gettin real

Sent out my first training plans on Sunday evening to some athletes. Its really not that hard to make a training plan. I just gave them 6 hour rides everyday, and if they survive they will be a world champ. But still its interesting to feel a responsibility for another athletes training and performance.

Saturday I had the opportunity to help out with the learn to race clinic at Mansfield on the O-cup course. Highlights were hearing Pete say "sweet potato" 18 times in 4 minutes and helping people out in their quest into MTB racing.

Sunday morning had me spinning down to the big city for a ride with Chris, Jamie and Orrin. Just what the doctor ordered a few hours saddle time on some smooth roads in a group atmosphere. Time just flew by.

On the calender for this week, Wednesday night Norco Demo at Coulson Hill, looking forward to riding there. Running alongside Spokeomotions wednesday night series

Thursday evening if there aren't tornado's I get to take the Centurion Development team out for our first road ride(on the road)

Saturday Cadet camp at Hardwood ski and bike with the OCA,

Sunday Interclub and another Norco demo at Hardwood ski and Bike.

 Countdown is on till the Canada Cup trip to Tremblant and Baie St Paul. Its going to be awesome.

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