Thursday, April 12, 2012

staying low, keepin positive

Had an inkling on Saturday afternoon that I was catching something, I have, but it hasn't knocked me flat on my ass, just letting my new and improved immune system fight this one. Its doing a pretty good job,

Been getting things finalized for the CDC team, or Centurion Development Canada, you can follow the team on twitter @TeamCDC. I'll be working with the Barrie Cycling Club and Centurion Cycling(folks who do the blue mountain and Horseshoe fondo's) to Manage a team of 9 young riders who will be competing on the road. Should be an interesting new adventure,

Gots the new Team 9, shes sweet, any bike that comes with a 670mm flat bar and a derailleur that has an "on" switch has got to be good.

Hopefully have this little sniffle knocked down by the weekend.


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