Thursday, April 26, 2012


Found a pic from the shoot with Margus 
Now that that link is out of the way and Pete can get some sleep before his Scotch 50 race.
Did another photo shoot last night on bass lake sideroad for RTO7, or tourism region 7, got a little chilly, but I think the shots were good, the photographer was impressed with the location I picked. As we shot we were passed by countless cyclists and they realized they were shooting in the right place to capture cycling in Simcoe county. We all got a couple bucks for doing the shoot which was nice.

Speaking of pics I love this one of Taylor Near Hope to have some good times on Saturday at Mansfield for the OCA/Chico racing/Norco Factory team/3 rox/Trek intergalactic/ Learn to Race clinic of awesomeness. If you haven't signed up(and still can) sign up, you'll learn a ton and get to ride with some great people.

Still crushing tons of meds and orange juice so I have completely fallen onto the other side of the fence of racing this weekend and even on top of that I was on the fence over tour of Bronte and the MTB O-cup. This thing has been kicking my ass since easter, need to get it kicked before the season really starts up in May(and is over 6 weeks later pretty much) #positive

Keep an eye on my boy's blog just google "andrew lesperance blog" some pretty cool stuff.

"Until next time take care of yourselves and each other" Jerry Springer

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