Monday, April 2, 2012

MTB ride and I fixed my powertap

And by fix I mean it got some mist on it and I had to let it dry out for a few days. So that's working again I can't put off a cp20 anymore, looking forward to doing it outside.

AWI racked up its first win of 2012 yesterday at the Homage, typical there wont be any results released for months so there probably isn't anyway to prove it. Congrats to team member Jacob on that big W.

I led a team training ride into the Copeland which was attended by me. A little misty, a little snow on the ground, but I still had a pleasant few hours rolling around, legs felt surprisingly well after the long ride the day before.

Good dead for the day was picking up a lost Iphone and making sure it got back to its owner, who told me he lost it while driving a group of lost hikers back to Horseshoe resort after they ended up on Ingram road. Lots of good karma going around.

Monday nighter tonight,

and you should all follow @TeamCDC on twitter (and @swabag if you haven't already)


Peter Glassford said...

links !!!!

Andy said...

heres a link Pete,

huge motorcycle crash