Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Diary

Hit up three stage today, I have no real idea if I rode all three stages or not, Basically headed into the woods, and every chance I got I turned right. Inspired by my friends advice that if I were to ever be lost in a Labyrinth(it could happen) to put my right hand on the wall and follow it and eventually you'd come out. Which makes sense, but I think it could work with your left hand as well for all you odd south paws out there.

Back to riding, conditions in there were great, as promised by Amanda, first time in with the 9er. But I think my 100mm 26 inch bike would still be my weapon of choice in there. Some super tight stuff in there, and some added BB clearance would help too.

Ran into the mayor of Singhampton as I was leaving who said he was getting ready to hit up Pete's place in California, I honestly didn't say one thing about the weather.

Hell of the North Sunday, I have a feeling it could be epic, along the lines of Mountainview-Horseshoe-mountainview but longer. pretty sure there are still spots available if your interested there's also a shorter Heck of the North.

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