Thursday, April 26, 2012


Found a pic from the shoot with Margus 
Now that that link is out of the way and Pete can get some sleep before his Scotch 50 race.
Did another photo shoot last night on bass lake sideroad for RTO7, or tourism region 7, got a little chilly, but I think the shots were good, the photographer was impressed with the location I picked. As we shot we were passed by countless cyclists and they realized they were shooting in the right place to capture cycling in Simcoe county. We all got a couple bucks for doing the shoot which was nice.

Speaking of pics I love this one of Taylor Near Hope to have some good times on Saturday at Mansfield for the OCA/Chico racing/Norco Factory team/3 rox/Trek intergalactic/ Learn to Race clinic of awesomeness. If you haven't signed up(and still can) sign up, you'll learn a ton and get to ride with some great people.

Still crushing tons of meds and orange juice so I have completely fallen onto the other side of the fence of racing this weekend and even on top of that I was on the fence over tour of Bronte and the MTB O-cup. This thing has been kicking my ass since easter, need to get it kicked before the season really starts up in May(and is over 6 weeks later pretty much) #positive

Keep an eye on my boy's blog just google "andrew lesperance blog" some pretty cool stuff.

"Until next time take care of yourselves and each other" Jerry Springer

Monday, April 23, 2012

sea otter

The weekend was great, the team did great with Team-mates Hayley and Andrew crushing some great races in both the STXC and the epic XC. I was content with my rides, finished each race stronger than I started but, knew I was missing a couple gears. Figuratively speaking, the Norco Team 9 was steller down there, I will say that the new XTR Shadow plus rear derailleur is #AMAZING. Rode the Kenda Kozmik Lite II's there were nice on fast hard packed course. But Sea Otter is more than just a bike race, its an industry event, basically a trade show with companies showing off their new products and bikes. The Norco compound was bustling with excitement with the Prototype 650B bike kicking around.
Also had the pleasure of meeting a Vice president of Norco, Skip Swain. As well as head of Marketing Pete Stace-Smith nice to finally meet and thank these people in person for all their support over the past three seasons. Results wise, I pulled out an 18th in the Short Track, An improvement from my 75th in the last sea otter STXC I did. And a 17th in the XC. Both races went well, both were quite warm which was a nice change from racing in Europe/quebec all the time. But of
course the most enjoyable rides are those post race coffee shop rides,
Great weekend, made even better with a great Team,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ok, Glassford one more chance

I'm packing for California, and the eternal words of Pete are still ringing in my ears "it never rains in California" as I pack full rain and foul weather clothing.

We'll see,

Back to the beautiful weather around here, it has warmed up nicely and is almost a bit humid. The forest is springing to life with a nice carpet of green on the forest floors now.

Still not feeling 100% but close enough, watching that world cup in Belgium was pretty cool, and brought back some memories

CDC Roster is announced check it out.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

staying low, keepin positive

Had an inkling on Saturday afternoon that I was catching something, I have, but it hasn't knocked me flat on my ass, just letting my new and improved immune system fight this one. Its doing a pretty good job,

Been getting things finalized for the CDC team, or Centurion Development Canada, you can follow the team on twitter @TeamCDC. I'll be working with the Barrie Cycling Club and Centurion Cycling(folks who do the blue mountain and Horseshoe fondo's) to Manage a team of 9 young riders who will be competing on the road. Should be an interesting new adventure,

Gots the new Team 9, shes sweet, any bike that comes with a 670mm flat bar and a derailleur that has an "on" switch has got to be good.

Hopefully have this little sniffle knocked down by the weekend.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Hell of the North(or how I came to love the bike)

what a day, the Real Deal racing crew knows how to make you hurt on a bike. Picture Paris to Ancaster, but over twice as long, 6 times more climbing and a rail trail of doom that makes the crank the shield trail look tame....then do it on a cross bike with the narrowest tires you have.... with full road teams.

The atmosphere was relaxed yet you could still tell it was going to be a hard day. Pretty much right from the gun there were attacks....I should say Anton attacked. The first 60% was broken up with off road sections, which were short enough and flat enough to not really break things up too much.

The big break up happened on the rail trail of doom, well actually the vehicle control barriers, which required a dismount and threading your bike through these gates which I'm pretty sure were stolen from a supermax prison.

After two sets of these gates and not being in the first 10 guys to go through them, that was about it. Jet Fuel and Cervelo/octto both had two riders in there and a few individuals. Actually Cam was in there too but flatted. Shame cause he was the most Pro of anyone in the race for sure.

Came out of the rail trail solo(ish) had a guy on my wheel doing a few pulls, but he opted to wait for the group. Smart, but I'm too stubborn for that. Had a little over 45km of road left, 30 seconds behind a group of 8 or 9, NBD.

The group was putting seconds into me not minutes so I kept trucking, saw Tim C come off the group, rode up to him. We switched off a bit, caught Joe G on some gravel, he said he was done and to keep going if I wanted, I was like no worries just finishing it up. By this time the leaders were out of sight,

With about 8km to go I completely cracked, and told Joe to keep going if he wanted. He dragged me to the finish. If he hadn't I would have stopped with about 3km to go and had a nap.

Think I was around 10th ish.

Great day on the bike, some hard efforts, with some great people.

This is not an event to be missed, the Heck of the North would have been a lot of fun as well I'm sure.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Diary

Hit up three stage today, I have no real idea if I rode all three stages or not, Basically headed into the woods, and every chance I got I turned right. Inspired by my friends advice that if I were to ever be lost in a Labyrinth(it could happen) to put my right hand on the wall and follow it and eventually you'd come out. Which makes sense, but I think it could work with your left hand as well for all you odd south paws out there.

Back to riding, conditions in there were great, as promised by Amanda, first time in with the 9er. But I think my 100mm 26 inch bike would still be my weapon of choice in there. Some super tight stuff in there, and some added BB clearance would help too.

Ran into the mayor of Singhampton as I was leaving who said he was getting ready to hit up Pete's place in California, I honestly didn't say one thing about the weather.

Hell of the North Sunday, I have a feeling it could be epic, along the lines of Mountainview-Horseshoe-mountainview but longer. pretty sure there are still spots available if your interested there's also a shorter Heck of the North.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

and then

Got the motivation up on Tuesday to get that 20 min power test out of the way, went well, not my highest cp20 but highest for April at least. So the new zones have been updated and put into my database well taped to a piece of paper next to my computer who am I kidding I dont have a database.

Hit the road for a standard long Wednesday ride, nothing really super exciting a little over 3 hours around here,

Heading to Toronto to pick up one of my new race rigs tomorrow in the AM, Not sure what colour it is, but i'm hoping for high vis.

Keep hearing grumblings and seeing "spy" shots on the Norco FB page regarding some 650B bikes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

MTB ride and I fixed my powertap

And by fix I mean it got some mist on it and I had to let it dry out for a few days. So that's working again I can't put off a cp20 anymore, looking forward to doing it outside.

AWI racked up its first win of 2012 yesterday at the Homage, typical there wont be any results released for months so there probably isn't anyway to prove it. Congrats to team member Jacob on that big W.

I led a team training ride into the Copeland which was attended by me. A little misty, a little snow on the ground, but I still had a pleasant few hours rolling around, legs felt surprisingly well after the long ride the day before.

Good dead for the day was picking up a lost Iphone and making sure it got back to its owner, who told me he lost it while driving a group of lost hikers back to Horseshoe resort after they ended up on Ingram road. Lots of good karma going around.

Monday nighter tonight,

and you should all follow @TeamCDC on twitter (and @swabag if you haven't already)