Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your not a hockey player your a Goon

Great flick last night with k bolts, after a 4.5 hour jaunt through Oro in the 13 degree sunny weather, and a mad Sushi feast to fuel up for the training camp next week.

Whats with that anyway? A 23 degree temperature change in 36 hours, hey as long as its up ill call that good livin.

As the title suggests we took in the contoversial new hockey film Goon. The graphic violence didnt offend or bother me but I do think it overshadowed the actually well written, well acted film. Liev Schreiber nailed his part, and Sean William Scott was able to leave Stifler behind for his role. Definetly AWI highly recommended.

Spent the day packing up for the first trip of the year, Starbuck giving me the usual dirty looks and Molly sitting on my pillow meowing like crazy while im packing. I think i remembered everything, but probably not.

Also, looking like ill be taking in the Hell of the North in April, Im usually away for this one but Im finally getting the chance to race it, 125km mixed surface race should be a good starting point for my 2012 (cycling) race season.

I also hear there isnt a whole lot of internetting down in Rocky Bottom so I may need to fill you all in on the flipside.

Stay excellent

P.s. watch for some AWI racers at the pole pedal and pound, With all the snow gone not sure how there going to do the ski or snowshoe part?

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