Sunday, March 25, 2012

"yeah I know exatcly where that is"

Well if they get it right today may have been the last day of summer(in spring) for a while. Dropping back down to below zero tonight. But T-dog and I got out to enjoy the nice weather today.

Of course our rendezvous was slightly modified after he missed a right hander. But we met up and crushed big chute, his (Jacobs) cx bike with cx tires was a good call. White falls road was a little sandy and by a little, it was a beach....I felt like i was in Baywatch...... nothing yeah Tristan didnt laugh either when I said it.

Once the sun broke out it was a beautiful day and a great way to finish up the ride. Still feel like I'm cheating by starting out here, not the same as the 180km ride from Barrie......and the subsequent pillaging of the trek store for food on the way home.

Hope we get some rain soon, to keep the dust down the trails and to wash the roads off a bit.

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