Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That awkward moment when you try to log onto the Internet...but you don’t have internet

After crushing some miles to get down here, well actually I was lucky enough to ride shotgun for a change, we got settled into Rocky Bottom. Right now we have gentlemen fixing the fridge, where’s a Spak when you need one?
Great Camp so far we have finished up day 3, a grinding climb day, longest 112km ride I have ever done, we averaged an astonishing 23.8 kph. And we were not dogging it. First two days we rode some rolling loops, second day I was called into action to do a roadside repair, which involved a Shimano crank removal without the end cap tool. Pretty much just asked myself what Scott Kelly would do? Got it fixed up and had a great ride.

Then ended up riding up to Bretton whose rear derailleur exploded taking everything with it. Think it must have had some C4 imbedded in the pulley wheels or something.
All the athletes are great, don’t ask me all of their names, and I’m learning a ton by being on the coaches side of the equation.
......(Spak), we need Freon (sp?) is that bad?

Sounds like Ceasers head tomorrow; it will be my first time up,


Ceasers head was great, had a rest day/Olympics/recovery spin on Tuesday and crushed the climb Wednesday, the athletes just destroyed it, I headed up on a half tempo, half sprinting, half drafting, repeat doing some camera bike work. Then for the race run I went mid pack and just watched the athletes bringing out their “inner bastard” as I filtered back.

Today (Thursday) was the epic day with the majority of riders doing minimum 125km and some into the 190’s. Awesome day today. Rode some of my old stomping grounds the 130 up to whitewater.

Friday.....ummm, sprint day/+ride for those who missed out on some of the epic miles the previous day. Knowing I could destroy everyone in the sprints I sat it out and helped hold the athletes as they did their 15 ish second timed runs. Riders were throwing down some watts, and even got to see some wheelies of the start line. Then I took a few riders out on a loop on the rolling stuff south of Rocky Bottom.

Note: by Friday Afternoon I knew all 37 athletes names.

Saturday was the short hard hilly ride day, up “sassy” which has some nice steep kickers to it, then Becky mountain which also has some nice kickers, and best described by Mal to be like rattlesnake but longer. Then back, 3 hrs but with a lot of climbing. Did two 8 ish minutes efforts, felt good to do some race paceish stuff.

Sunday was Blue Ridge day, which I equate to attempting a mt everest climb, with some rain in the am, which meant it could be snowing at the top Head coach pushed the ride back a notch. I got my group of riders together and Mike gave me a deadline of when I needed to get to the top before turning around.
Ride up went well and most of the athletes managed to get to the top and were able to ride the absolutely stunning, beautiful, epic, ride along the parkway. And back down to Brevard.

This is when things got awesome, a few wrong turns and we found ourselves doing another long climb attempting to get back to the camp. When the rain started to come down and knowing the climbing and descending we still needed to do I called for a rescue, the athletes were fine but I was about to have a breakdown and hide in a ditch.

So I’m hitting two for two at getting rescued off a rainy road on the last day of a training camp, at least it wasn’t as cold as California last year.
Drive home was solid, I got behind the wheel of the creepiest van in Cross for a few hours while Mike G cracked.

Border crossing was assisted by the fact I raced the Border Agent when we were 14 years old, and he knew the jist of what a training camp was and why we had 47 bikes and people.

Awesome camp, cant say enough about the eagerness and ability of the young athletes, and the amazing coaches and staff I had the pleasure to work with.

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