Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Settled back in here in the GBA, yesterday was spent shuttling Starbuck to the Vet and back, Vet wanted to keep her for a few hours to remove a lump on her neck, figured it was just a big chunk of fat.

Still when they called and left a message and said it was "Lipoma" sounded a hell of a lot like Lymphoma. Thankfully it was the former and just a fatty deposit, not uncommon in labs but uncommon where she had it.

Shes back home now with a giant incision down her throat. When I was picking up some meds today for her I noticed there was another dogs meds, with the name Boomer on them. Another awesome dog name.

After all that, I got on the 9er to see for myself the rumours of some dry trails in the copeland. Dry? try dusty and sandy, went in thinking it would be ok, came out covered in dust and hacking up a lung. Considering I was skiing on the trails less than 14 days ago, Id say somethings going on, call it global warming, climate change whatever, thats just odd. Nice for riding, but doesn't bode well for agriculture or wild fires.

Got some race stuff done, registered and booked some flights to Sea Otter, and signed up for the 125km Hell of the North on April 8th, I've always missed this one so I'm looking forward to it. Just need to get a bike together for it.

Found a pic or two from the camp.

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Peter Glassford said...

why is there just a period for your blog title (see my blog sidebar)

also what is that picture showing ... tell your readers man

Andy said...

I embeded the blog title into the colage, and a simple period is pretty cool.

Picture is Haley Smith, Scott lynch, and Robert G, and myself cueing up for a little ring sprint.