Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Full chill day yesterday, still feeling the camps hours in the ol legs. Got the CCX SL ready for the hell of the north, Planning a 165-180km ride on it thursday, pavement, railtrail, gravel, hiking trail.....lake crossing, moon landing. A bit of everything, could be considered a Rapha ride if I was into that kinda thing, but im not one for cults.

KBolts and I went to see the Hunger Games, solid film but I think reading the book will make it much better, Woody Harrelsons performance is worth the price of admission on its own. Is it worthy of the hype? I dont think so but hey there hasnt been a big hollywood film for a while so expectations are pretty low at the moment I think.

Back on the 9 er today after getting a replacement front wheel, came complete with a sick reflector. Only downside is it rattles a bit going over rock piles, but hey safety first. Did the magic loop in the copeland,

CP20 tomorrow if my power meter is working, if not some intervals then an epic pre hotn ride thursday.

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