Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"have you seen the long range forecast"

Turning over a new leaf, im trying to be more positive about things. So im not going to comment on the long range forecast for here and the forecast for where im going for March break.

Hopefully have done my last roller ride of the year, and last ski, even though skiing is the bees knees, I need to give the guns a break and drop the weight I put on in the upper body over the winter.

Full bike miles for the past few days, It was a bit chilly yesterday but it made for great mtbing conditons in the copeland, hit the doubletrack, and the heavily used snowshoe trails with the 9er and widest tires I have.

Just got in from an exciting meeting, if all goes well, might have an exciting new project on the go. Dont want to jinx it though.

Might need to sell my stake in Spurrt Productions.

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