Friday, March 30, 2012

Bought some strawberries today, grown in Oxnard CA....surprised they grow in such a cold wet place

And it appears Pete g and I are feuding again. Be sure to check his blog for the latest.

Just crushed a massive feast, curry chicken, rice, naan bread with oven roasted garlic butter spread and a butternut sqaush lentil soup.mmmmm

My epic got pushed back another day as the puppy couldnt be left alone for that long, but tommorrow come hell or high water, flood, nuclear war, chemical war, germ war.....tornado, typhoon, second coming of baby jesus..rapture I dont care Im doing the simcoe circuit as Ive found out its called.

Craighurst-anten mills-fort willow- barrie-orillia- coldwater-the waub-midland-elmvale-phelston-craighurst mostly rail trail a bit of road and "other" Surface.

Made due with a copeland mtb ride today with a little exploring which may have found me in trespassing in a Kj Beamish gravel pit, its cool hes an old neighbour of mine Im sure he wont care.

Also looking forward to helping out at the 3rd annual learn to race clinic at mainsfield the day before the o-cup, come on out and ride with myself and some other greater instructors/racers.

Also got word my bike is coming closer to being in existence, cant wait to get on the new team 9.

Stay excellent,

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