Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That perfect catch, that perfect throw.

perfection, is the word i would use to describe our monday nighter last night, perfectly packed snow, not icy, not soft, just right. We showed up skeptical of Tristans trail report but were quickly amazed. A nice easy cruise through midhurst it just felt right.

We obviously made fun the guy with odd wheel size, there so tiny like on a kids bike. Silly 26ers. Jer might as well put training wheels on that thing.

Earlier in the day I rode up to Awenda to check it out, I wasnt even sure id be able to ride in, with its canopied road, but it was all clear. Beauty day for a long ride, no wind, sunny, top that off with the mtb ride later, id say it could have been considered, BTGL.

practised my skiing today, especially the finish line collapse, its tricky you dont want to break a pole.

Heard a rumour Roger Hammond is racing paris to ancaster this year, frack.

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Peter Glassford said...

Glad BTGL has made its way north