Saturday, February 25, 2012

Race Report #1 2012

The first race of the year always hurts the most. Today was no exception, with winter suddenly appearing overnight and dumping a ton(by todays standards) of snow. The course was covered in a nice thick blanket of soft snow.

I was hoping with some good conditions id be able to do the 40km in a bit over 2 hours, not today. I knew it would be a slog, for everyone, not saying it was hard just for me.

lined up beside Glenn, he pointed out the fast guys, I was like whatever they dont look so fast.

Started, held my own for a bit on the climbs and flats but when it turned downhill, the leaders just coasted away from me, Reminded me of Chevy Chase and the sled scene in xmas vacation. no excuses they were gonna kill me anyway but me thinks there skis were a touch faster. probably waxed them and stuff.

Settled into a nice groove for a bit, blew up, Davis Ross(one of three new AWI members) came by me. And I was pretty much left to my own devices for the last 25km. Started to get a second wind going, and managed to pass a couple guys in the last 3 km.

turns out Glenn failed to point himself out as a contender and took the W, im not going to say how much he crushed me by. I finished 11th out of 24 overall in the 40.

Conclusion ski racing is stupid hard, and ive already checked to see if there is another race next weekend.

Also nice to see some familiar names like Tim Oliver and Alan Reain in the results.

oh oh, and yes I did start in the wrong wave, i thought it was funny when everyone started to classic ski around me. luckily before breaking into a nice skate stride I pulled off to the side and headed back to the Skate start. Such a NOOB.

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Matt Spak said...

of course I can make a joke about you starting in the wave that I was supposed to start in as I stood on the sidelines cheering you on thinking I started lafter you. I'm in the same thoughts, ski racing dumb, what's next